Child Behavior Checklist Sample Template

Child Behavior Checklist: Recognize the Different Actions

Hello great parents! Do you need a child behavior checklist? Yea, you will need and use this kind of checklist if your child behaves differently. It can be at home or in school. Then, by using this printable child behavior checklist, it can very helpful for you. Why can it be like that? It is because this checklist will allow parents to identify the problems of the behavioral and mental of a child well. Greatly, it is also completed with the corresponding treatments while consulting a specialist.

Sample Autism Child Behavior Checklist

7 Types of the Child Behavior Checklist

In this kind of checklist, you will find 7 types of checklist templates that are mainly used. Do you want to know them? If it is so, please follow this information below carefully!

  1. The checklist of printable child behavior

In the first sample child behavior checklist, you will know the sample behavior or symptom checklist. There are the components of date, instruction, description, never, sometimes, often, and very often.

  1. The checklist of gifted child behavior

In this kind of checklist, you will find that it tells mathematics and science learning ability. There is also a frequency of performance that covers always, often, sometimes, less often, seldom, and never.

  1. The checklist of child behavior for school

You have to know that there are some main elements in this checklist. Those elements are the child’s name, date, completed by, attention, oppositional behaviors, conduct, child’s strength, mood, and anxiety or worry.

  1. The checklist of child aggressive behavior

This checklist shows the ADHD checklist. There are some elements like symptoms of inattention, symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity, never, sometimes, often, and very often.

  1. The checklist template of child behavior

What about this kind of checklist template? It includes the name of the child, academic institution, purpose, age, ethnic race, grade, gender, your relationship with the child, and nationality. There are also a child’s birthdate, father’s description, mother’s description, and child’s behavior in terms of attention.

  1. The checklist of autism child behavior

In this child behavior checklist sample, you need to know that there will be some elements in this checklist. They are the patient’s name, examiner’s name, birth date, text date, instruction, and descriptions of the child.

Sample Child Aggressive Behavior Checklist

  1. The checklist of preschool child behavior

There will be some important elements that should be written in this checklist. Those elements are the child’s name, parents’ name, age, date, descriptions, not true, sometimes true, and very trust or often true.

4 Great Tips to Manage Child’s Behavior Problems

Actually, there are 4 tips that you can do to manage the problems of your child’s behavior. To know it more, let’s check those tips in detail!

  1. Identify the problem

You can identify the problem by using the checklist that you have or from the child specialist.

  1. Control the environment

You should modify the environment in your home so your child cannot harm himself or others.

  1. Create clear instructions

Choose the right words to instruct your child.

  1. Respond to their actions

In this case, you must not react emotionally when your child is highly ineffective.

Sample Child Behavior Checklist for School

That is a good review of the child behavior checklist printable that you can know. As parents, you should behave with your child as well as you can.

Child Behavior Checklist Sample Template

Sample Gifted Child Behavior Checklist Sample Printable Child Behavior Checklist