Communication Resume Objective

Writing Professional Communication Resume Objective

Working in a communication industry needs a lot of skills to master. Aside from that, experience often plays big role for someone when applying for the job. The communication resume objective has to highlight the experience and the skills of the applicants so that it catches the attention right away.

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Vital Skills to Work in Communication Industry

The first is definitely the communication skill itself, both for speaking and listening. The ability to listen attentively to someone to get a grasp of the situation is important before giving the response. Either it is for the customers, colleagues, or seniors in company, the rule applies. Someone also needs to deliver the response in a proper and professional way without beating around the bush. It also deals with the ability to remain calm in any possible situation. The last is the ability to use proper non-verbal communication will help the communication process works even better.

Communication Career Objective Sample

Writing communication resume objective can be tricky. One thing that needs to remember is the objectives highlight the applicant’s experience, skills, and achievement in the previous workplace.

Example 1

Working in communication field for five years as a public relation specialist, I am seeking for a new challenge to widen my experience by applying to XXX Company as a public relations specialist. I believe my outstanding skills in communicating tothe public on behalf of the company will be beneficial as the representative of XXX Company.

Example 2

To apply the position of Human Resources Specialist at XXX Company where I apply my experience in handling employee’s recruitment and interview, completed with the good public speaking skills, and ability to hold the employee training

There are ways of writing communication resume objective but it is better if you specify it based on the position and skills related. If you make it too general, the employer will not be able to get full understanding of your ability.

Resume Example of Communication-Related Job

After knowing how to write communication resume objective, now it is time look at the resume sample fully.

Frederick Kate

123 Main Avenue, San Francisco

Phone: 123-123-124


Professional Summary

Human Resources Specialist with five-year experience in organizing the employee recruitment and being a training leader. Looking to leverage my knowledge and skills to the position of Head Manager.


2016 – Present                                    Human Resources Specialist – ABC Company

  • Process the employee recruitment and interview
  • Conduct employee training
  • Prepare and review employee benefits they’re eligible for
  • Prepare the employee health insurance

2013 – 2016                                        Human Resources Generalist – Smith Communications

  • Review the documents for employee recruitment
  • Perform background checking and verifications to employee
  • Keep the update knowledge of the trends in human resources field
  • Perform the new employee orientation

General Resume Objective Examples

If you are not planning in writing the communication resume objective and instead finding the samples of how to write resume objective generally, then you might need to take a look at several samples below.

Example 1

To obtain a new challenging career opportunity in a reputable company by fully utilizing my knowledge, training, and skills.

Example 2

Hard working linguistic graduate with as leadership and excellent interpersonal skill looking for a responsible career opportunity to contribute to the success of the company.

We hope the information above about general and communication resume objective gives you better understanding.