Sample Credit Card Receipts Template

Credit Card Receipts Free Printable and 10 Basic Elements to create it

It turns out there are credit card receipts free printable templates and ready to use.  Of course, the user of the credit card needs to know how does the result of the transfer. Meanwhile, the parties that receive the money also need to provide it. By the way, who are parties that must have the printable credit card receipts? Through the samples in the following passages, the information on this case will find the bright spot. Such as usual, the additional information as well as are available properly.

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8 Credit Card Receipts and Why do you need it

Break the confusion right know from the sample credit card receipts free printable. It consists of 8 items such as below:

  1. Receipt Template Sample in Word for Credit Card
  2. Form of Receipt for Credit Card Purchasing
  3. Example of Financial Receipt of Credit Card
  4. Receipt Template Form of Credit Card End-of-Day
  5. Payment Receipt of Credit Card Template
  6. Receipt Example Template of Credit Card
  7. Receipt Form Template for Credit Card
  8. Sample Receipt Template for Credit Card

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Why do you need those templates? In general, those merely offer PDF and Word formats that free customizable easily. New beginners also not feel strange with those formats. So, they are easy to use, free, familiar formats, and so on.

10 Elements of the Receipt for Credit Card

For your information, choosing one of the credit card receipts samples helps work effective and efficient. However, you ought to know that there are 10 basic elements to make the receipt for a professional result:

  • Start from writing the detail of merchant

It consists of the merchant’s name, country/ state, contact detail, and banking location. This step helps the customers to regard the payment details or making a complaint about the transaction.

  • Transaction date

The information on the date of the transaction eases the customers to verify when the transaction occurs.

  • Inform on the product and service

Next, you should describe the service or product that you offer or sell to the customers.

  • Add the card’s imprint

You must add the legible card imprint to record the merchant location and the customer’s card electronically. So, this section contains detailed information on the merchant, account number, expiration date, cardholder and the company, security code.

  • Cardholder signature

Same as the other receipt or agreement, it always needs the signature of the cardholder.

It is useful to prove the recipient has gone through the terms, understand, and agree with them.

  • The signature of the merchant

In spite of this, the merchant must give the signature too as a sign that it has agreed on the terms and conditions.

  • Write down the Primary Account Number

You get a recommendation to merely give the last four digits of the number. But, it must match with whatever receipt of the credit card.

  • Give the identification of the cardholder

Afterward, you must mention the cardholder’s identification. It is such as the serial number, customer’s name, address, the jurisdiction of the issue, and the expiration date.

  • Certificate of the transaction

The merchant needs to enter the complete transaction certificate to fulfill the bank that asks for it.

  • Prohibition

There are some prohibition information on the cardholder’s PIN and the credit card’s verification code.

Sample Credit Card Payment Receipt Template

Okay, that is detailed information on the credit card receipts printable. You need it so much if you are the credit card issued. Everyone may know this information.

Sample Credit Card Receipts Template

Sample Credit Card Purchase Receipt Form Sample End of Day Credit Card Receipt Form Sample Sample Credit Card Receipt Template in Word