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Credit Card Template: Selecting the Desired Form Design

You have to know that a credit card provides flexibility to the customers. So, a credit card template is a form of the credit card that is shown in different designs and backgrounds. If you need and want to create a printable credit card template, don’t worry about that! The following information will help you to offer some primary kinds of the template that you can be a reference. Please follow them well!

credit card Free Templates in PSD

4 Kinds of the Credit Card Template

This card template has 4 kinds of forms that are commonly used. Are you curious about them? Here are the kinds of free PSD template.

  1. The template of colorful credit card

The first sample credit card template is placed on a blue background. Then, for the card template, you will see that it is in dark red. What about the components of this credit card? Yea, there will be the name of the bank, name of the card, serial number, ID number, and owner name.

credit card PSD Flyer Templates

  1. The template of bright-colored credit card

In this second free template in PSD, what can you know about it? Actually, it is the same as the previous kind of template. It uses dark red for the background of the credit card. Here, you will see the name of the credit card owner, ID number, date, and year of an on-going credit card.

credit card PSD Templates Free

  1. The template of credit card design

How about this credit card template sample? Yea, if you want a playful theme for your credit card, this card template will be suitable for you. Why can it be like that? It is because the background of this template is white but it is decorated with some nice colors. The colorful ones are green, yellow, blue, purple, and orange. In addition, the main components are the name of the bank, serial number, date and year, and name of the credit card owner.

credit card sample PSD Design

  1. The template of the new generation credit card

Moreover, this template free PSD will show you a new design for a credit card. It looks so elegant because this card template uses an orange color. Then, for the new design, this credit card provides LCD, number pads, and buttons at the backside of the card. At the front card, you will see the name of the bank, serial number, date and year, and owner name.

credit card Templates Free PSD

Steps to Create a Template of Credit Card

When you want to create this PSD template free, here are the steps that you have to do. Pay attention to it in detail!

  1. The vision of the bank

The first step is knowing the goal and vision of your bank. In other words, how the company perceives its brand.

  1. Select a template

Then, in this customizable PSD template, you should choose the best template that is suitable for your design and desire.

  1. Add information

After that, just add all the important information on the card. It can be the name of the cardholder, name of bank, logo, expiry date, card number, and others.

  1. Choose a background

Just choose a background that you want to apply on this free download PSD template! It also includes the color of the template.

credit card Templates Photoshop

That is the reference of the credit card template printable. Just understand it well to get the best template result!

Credit Card Template Sample

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