Sample Crime Report Template

Crime Report Template: Help Yourself Structure Rightful Report

Do you work as a law enforcement official? If so, you certainly need to report some crime cases you handle. In this condition, you can use the report for future reference. However, you may not be sure about the report format if you make it yourself. Hence, the crime report template comes to help you provide the proper report for you and other officials. In addition, this printable crime report template will guide you to structure the best report in a rightful manner. So, make everything easy while providing the crime report using this template.

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What are Items to Include in the Crime Report Template?

While making a crime report, you should remember that there are a few items you have to include. What are they? Just have a good look at the explanation below if you want to know the answer

  1. Witness

First, you need to include the existing witness reports in your crime report. With the existence of witnesses, the report will be valid to prove.

  1. Crime scene description

After including the witness, you should write the crime scene description completely. You can write some important matters like address, date, time, and location. Besides those important matters, you can also write the crime scene evidence and specific crime committed to complete the information in this part.

  1. Chronological narrative

The next matter to include in the crime report template printable is chronological narratives of the crime report. There are some matters to explain in this part like the description of crime, evidence, booking, who was involved, and who was said. Besides, you can develop the chronology by explaining the description of witnesses, arrest made, and the reason why the officers were on the scene. Those chronologies will be more complete if you also explain which investigative avenue is being taken and also how you came upon the scene. Make sure you include the chronological narrative that contains some matters mentioned before to make your report completely valid.

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  1. Committed matters

The fourth information you have to include in the sample crime report template is the existing committed matters. They can be any other relevant sides and details of the other officers involved.

File Formats of this Template

This kind of report template is available in two formats. You can choose one of them that you like based on the condition you deal with. Let’s check them out.

  1. Word

The first format that people mostly like to choose is Word. This format is provided for you who need to edit or customize the template you have. This template is editable. So, you can add or dismiss little details based on your needs or the condition.

  1. PDF

This template is also available in PDF format. You can get it for being a soft file document to save in your device storage. Besides, you can choose this format if you do not need to customize the template. You can print it out directly after downloading it.

Report of Drug Trafficking Template

That is all everything you need to know about this template. If you need some kinds of the crime report template sample, you can visit this page at any time.

Sample Crime Report Template

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