5+ Crisis Plan Template

The Printable Crisis Plan Template to Use For Various Cases

Each business requires crisis plan to prepare themselves in times of emergency. This crisis plan template provides you with helpful and detailed outlined document to create a plan. Now before you download and use the document, you may learn first about the essential elements of plan to combat crisis and how to establish a proper one.

crisis plan template example word design

crisis plan template example word design


What Is A Crisis Action Plan?

Crisis plan defines how your organization or company should react in case a crisis happened, who must be involved, and how people are assigned. The purpose is to minimalize damage and restore the operation at earliest opportunity.

crisis plan template free download word

crisis plan template free download word


Crisis can come in various forms. However, it typically threatens the operations, strategies, finances, and reputations of a business. The key to manage the crisis and prevent it to be uncontrollable is by using crisis plan.

Why Companies Need a Crisis Management Plan?

Establishing crisis plan will helps the business team to identify possible threats as they operate to run the business. It also provides how communication and information is going to set out during the crisis. Moreover, the act of planning and executing the plans ensure better outcomes, including for the business’ financial.

crisis plan template free word template

crisis plan template free word template


How Do You Write A Crisis Plan?

Here are six easy steps to use the crisis plan template:

  1. Determine the possible crises and issues that may disrupt how the business operates and functions.
  2. Estimate the impact for the business by using business impact analysis (BIA).
  3. Start to identify the set of useful actions as the responds for every threat to the organization.
  4. Build the plans by cooperate with key employees, relevant stakeholders, and even outside parties like business partners or independent contractors that have worked with the business closely.
  5. Inform the assigned roles for the employees during occurrence of crises.
  6. Have the plan approved and tested, and adjusts it as necessary.

What Are the 4 Phases of Crisis?

There are four phases in every crisis out there, which are:

  1. Pre-Crisis

This is the time where the crisis has yet to happen and might be yet to be recognized, but its potentials and impacts have to be assessed.

  1. Crisis

This is the time where the crisis hit. It has to be managed as much as possible so the business can move to the next phase as fast as it possibly can.

crisis plan template word template free

crisis plan template word template free


  1. Clean-Up

This is the determining time where the plan proved to be effective or not, depending on how it is set and how it is executed.

  1. Post-Crisis

This is the time where you face the turning point and have the chance to alter challenge into opportunity.

How Do You Communicate In A Crisis?

During crisis, the communication needs to be performed timely and candidly. Communication failure may result in heavily harmed trust and possibly lead to unnecessary and uncontrollable rumors. Communicating the facts only in consistent, clear, and quick ways is the best thing you can do during crisis.

crisis plan template template free word

crisis plan template template free word


You may use the crisis plan template that’s specifically built and designed to help you to respond and handle the future situations of crisis. It is a basic and blank template that allows you to use it for various crisis cases.