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Customer Journey Map Template INU PSD in 5 Steps

Which business needs a customer journey map template INU? Of course, all product and service businesses should apply for strengthening the marketing method. You should know that this tool help to market your business by telling your customer’s experience. Perhaps, it sounds like a template for writing a testimonial. For more information, you should see the sample customer journey map template INU. Then, you apply for the template frees PSD to perfect your business plan.  Scroll down for learning this template along with this page.

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Customer Journey Map Template INU Designs for creating it quickly

There are five steps to creating the printable customer journey map template INU. After downloading the customizable PSD template, you can fill or change it. However, you need the right knowledge to edit that including the 5 steps of creating it. Well, look at below:

  1. Undertake and gather research

What do you should do in research? It turns out you quite gather the research of the customer feedback. Gather and divide the result like positive and negative feedback. Compare both to know the value of your product in the market. You can use it to know who your competitors.

Customer journy map sample PSD Design

  1. Involve channels and touchpoints

Secondly, you should realize your customer journey map by involving the channels and touchpoints. The channels are the methods that you use for communication with your customers. It can be in the form of telephone, email, in-person meetings, social media, and so on. Meanwhile, the touchpoints are the method of specific interactions between the customers and your brand.

Customer journy map PSD Templates Free

  1. Continue of empathy mapping

Next, your template Photoshop of the customer journey map continues making an empathy mapping. This step knows the method of a touchpoint that you apply for previously.

Customer journy map Templates Free PSD

  1. Think about the solutions, opportunities, as well as affinity diagram

Fourth, you should find out the solution to the problem and catch the opportunity to improve it. Besides that, create the affinity diagram that relevant to your customer journey map.

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  1. Fill them on your template

Lastly, you will include the step one until step four in your PSD template free. Just do it bravely!

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Kinds and Advantages of Customer Journey Map

Have you found the customer journey map template INU sample and downloaded it?  If you say yes you can continue to know about the kinds of the map. There are three types of customer journey maps that you will use later on. You may need the current state mapping to understand your customer interaction. There is future state mapping for prospecting and taking customers. The third is a day in the life mapping. Use this template in Photoshop free download for increasing customer satisfaction and sales process. Also, these are some advantages of having the customer journey map:

  • Increase the sales process
  • It becomes higher customer satisfaction
  • The tool is advantages for the lower customer turnover or churn
  • It gives better advocacy from the customers

Customer journy map Customizable PSD Templates

Well, that is detailed information on the customer journey map template INU printable. Never leave this free template in PSD that also easy and free downloading. Thank you for reading. Feel free for applying both the template and the steps. Good luck!


Customer Journey Map Template Sample

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