Disciplinary Report Sample Template

Disciplinary Report Free Printable to value your Employee

Some countries apply strict discipline rule to the society in many things. However, a lot of states still feel difficult to apply a disciplined life. It turns out this problem often happens at school and in the office. Thus, it needs a disciplinary report to fix it but who will use it? An employer may point anyone to conduct this duty both the HR and mandatory employee. You might be the candidate for it so that you need the sample disciplinary report template to learn it.


4 Disciplinary Report Templates are available in various Format and Readymade

There will be 4 disciplinary report sample templates free printable. The characters are easy to use and cut your time for making by customizing their content. It is available in various formats that you can see alone on the list. Without wasting time and energy, you will present the best report for your boss on time.

Okay, here are 4 samples that are suitable for you:

  1. Report Template for Employee Disciplinary

The first template comes with editable formats like Google Docs, Ms. Word, and Apple Pages. It is the report for knowing the discipline rate of the employee. By the way, you can call it the action report form. You can print it using A4, US.

  1. Action Report Form Template Sample for Employee Disciplinary

Secondly, the content of the report looks complete in an editable format. You can print it directly and fill it as soon as possible. If you want to you may fill it before printing.

  1. Sample Report Template for Disciplinary Form

The report focuses on the method to make the report. You must learn to write it through the information that contains the inside.

  1. Report for HR Disciplinary

It means the report is available for the Human Resource that will check the worker’s disciplinary. Therefore, give it to your HRD pretty they can work immediately

Disciplinary Report Form.

4 Steps to Collect Disciplinary Report

Next, use the printable disciplinary report template to start your duty. Undertake your task along with 6 following steps:

  • Go to your HR for consulting

Truthfully, the party that knows better each worker is Human Resources. You must meet her or him to get detailed information on your co-worker. If you are the HR it is very easy for you to pass this first step.

  • Do it as soon as possible

There is no reason to perpetuate this duty until days or weeks. Here, you not only record the violation of the rule but also take action to solve it. You may think about the punishment pretty they can fix their discipline. So, do not waste time!

  • Write facts without the flowery word

Just facts include in the report briefly! You must use the right word and font style so that your boss can understand it easily. Besides only facts, do not use flowery words.

  • Specify the cause/ problem and the solution

Next, write the cause of the indiscipline or the problem. On the other hand, you must include the solution pretty your employer can take action quickly.


After that, check your report to avoid fatal mistake before submitting to the boss. Besides that, do it privately so that everything keeps running properly. Thanks for reading the disciplinary report printable. Good luck!


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