Sample Dorm Room Checklist template

Dorm Room Checklist: A Helpful Template to List All Needs

Hello everyone! Are you looking for a dorm room checklist? Actually, it will be needed by people when they are living away from home. It is not every day that they will get all that they need. However, don’t worry! This printable dorm room checklist will help you in that situation. Thus, it is needed and suggested for you to make a dorm checklist if you are going to live in a dorm room. To make it, these following samples can be a good resource that you can choose.

Sample Basic Dorm Room Checklist Template

10 Samples of the Dorm Room Checklist

You have to know that this kind of checklist offers 10 samples that are mainly used. Do you want to know those samples? If the answer is true, please follow these samples well!

  1. The checklist of dorm room supplies

In this checklist template, you will find the elements of room basics, eating in, and tech and entertainment.

  1. The checklist of dorm room for college freshmen

The main elements in this checklist are like the title, catch some, pig out, study up, and freshen up.

Sample College Dorm Room Checklist

  1. The checklist of dorm room for college

What about this sample dorm room checklist? There are elements of the title, bedroom, bathroom, workspace, cooking and eating, and common room.

  1. The checklist of dorm room essentials

It covers the elements of the title, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study area, school supplies, course materials, major specifies, and personal info.

  1. The checklist template of college dorm room

There are some important elements in this checklist template. They are full name, gender, date, age, room survey, safety, cleanliness, dorm checker performance, and remarks.

  1. The checklist template of dorm room

How about this kind of checklist template? Yea, it tells the title also some items in the bedroom and kitchen.

  1. The checklist of college dorm room

In this checklist, what can you know? There will be some elements like small appliances, school supplies, computer supplies, cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, and personal care.

  1. The checklist template of dorm room cleaning

How about this dorm room checklist sample? You will find some pictures of the cleaning list for dorms.

Sample Dorm Room Checklist for College

  1. The checklist template of basic dorm room

You need to know that there are the elements of the title, the items in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, and medical.

  1. The checklist of dorm room packing

This kind of checklist template includes the title, the items in the bedroom, desk, and bathroom.

3 Types of Dorm Room Checklists

On the other hand, you can also recognize that there are 3 types of this template that are usually used. Here they are.

  1. Personal checklist

The type of this checklist is created by an occupant who will move to a dorm room. The purpose is not forgetting anything that is needed to be brought in the new living place.

  1. Issued by the dormitory

This template is made to the terms and conditions of the dorm room facility. It means that it is a list of dorm room properties that can be used and returned by an occupant.

  1. For reminders and guides

This checklist is the notes that tell all the things that you should remember to bring.

Sample Dorm Room Cleaning Checklist Template

That’s all about the dorm room checklist printable. You can choose the samples above!

Sample Dorm Room Checklist template

Sample Dorm Room Essentials Checklist