Drafting Checklist Sample Template

Drafting Checklist: Plan Anything Using this Template

A drafting checklist has an important role in your life. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because this printable drafting checklist is very useful to create a checklist for any matter or event. By using the checklist of drafting, you can design, contract, or plot plan of any kind. Besides, this checklist will help you to modify the entire problems and reduce the work pressure. To create it, you can check the various kinds of this checklist below.

Sample Contract Drafting Checklist

7 Kinds of the Drafting Checklist

There will be 7 kinds of this checklist that you should know and can use it. What are kinds? Here are available for you.

  1. The checklist for drafting an example

This first checklist is available in PDF form. It tells the checklist for drafting and proofreading your assignment. It contains 2 drafts, the draft 1 is about the ideas and the draft 2 is about the structure.

  1. The checklist of employment drafting

You have to know that this kind of checklist shows the checklist for drafting employment clauses.

  1. The checklist of drafting standards

What about this sample drafting checklist? Yea, this kind of checklist is also provided in PDF format. This template tells about the checklist for water main developer extension. The elements are HWD staff, date, disclaimer, design plan submittal, project name and address, engineer name and address, phone, and owner’s contact person.

Sample Drafting Standards Checklist

  1. The checklist for drafting the document

There are some important elements in this template. They are the title, directions, done, activity, and notes.

  1. The checklist template of contract drafting

In this kind of checklist template, you will find the element of the basic structure of a contract. It contains to identify the parties, term, termination, recitals, and definitions.

  1. The checklist template of policy drafting

This drafting checklist sample will tell the policy planning or drafting process checklist.

  1. The checklist of formal drafting

This template is available in PDF form. The elements in this template are general definitions and principles also preamble.

5 Easy Steps to Create the Checklist of Drafting in Word

When you want to create this kind of checklist, especially in Word format, you should follow these steps below. Here are available for you.

  1. Open document

The first step that you have to do is opening a new document from Ms. Word. You can do it by going to the File Menu and choose Open New Document.

  1. Insert checklist

Then, you should insert the checklist in this template. Just go to the Insert Tab and choose the icon of Symbol!

  1. Activate Developer Tab

The third step that you should do is go to the Ribbon Menu. Then, please right-click to choose the option of Customize Ribbon. From it, you can choose the option of Developer and click OK.

  1. Print only list

Here, you can add the symbol in the checkbox. Then, just choose the down arrow that is next to the bullets icon from the Home Menu. Thus, you can choose any symbol.

  1. Add items

The last step that you can do is adding the list of items to the checklist. Finally, you can start using it.

Sample Drafting Checklist Example in PDF

Well, it is the information about the drafting checklist printable. Have a nice learn!

Drafting Checklist Sample Template

Sample Employment Drafting Checklist Sample Formal Drafting Checklist Sample Mandatory Drafting Checklist Sample Policy Drafting Checklist Sample Printable Drafting Checklist