10+ Email Template Design Free PSD

Email Template Design: It Helps You to Create a Catchy Email Header

Nowadays, in this modern era, people use fax or e-mail for an easy result. Well, you might need and make use of an email template design if you want to send files with your email. This email template Photoshop must be useful to make your message interesting and catchy. Mostly, it is used as an email header. If you want to get a printable email template design, you could visit our page site here. We offer you some kind of email free PSD template in various designs and ideas. You can download it easily by tapping the download button located on your selected templates. Anyway, let’s talk more about our template in detail below!

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17+ Helpful Email Template Design For You

Several helpful email template design printable ideas might help you to create an effective message which matches the theme. For your information, our email templates will mostly be available in Photoshop free download. Well, let’s take a look at our different email template collections in the following numbers below!

  1. Illustrated Letter Long Distance Love Email Header
  2. Light Green Design Element Mind Map Email Header
  3. Monochromatic Golf Club Email Header
  4. Purple Design Composition Simple Venn Diagram Email Header
  5. Fancy Pink CEO General Email Letterhead
  6. Greyscale Architecture Minimalist Email Header
  7. Sample Formal Monitoring Industry Email Letterhead
  8. Customizable Maroon and Pink Premium Email Letterhead
  9. Printable Academic Institution Formal Email Letterhead
  10. Monitoring Industry Common Email Letterhead
  11. Brawny Modern Email Letterhead
  12. Hipster Pink Email Letterhead Design
  13. Minimalist Interior Design Email Letterhead
  14. Gypsy Swimwear Creative Funky Email Letterhead
  15. Pizza Restaurant Flyer Email Letterhead
  16. Pink Contemporary Paradiso Club Email Letterhead
  17. No Frills Email Formal Letterhead
  18. Bubbly and Squiggly Creative Business Email Letterhead

email Templates Templates Free PSD

All these 18 email PSD template free ideas mentioned above use the US standard Letter with A4 paper size. Well, for your additional information, all our kinds of sample email template designs must be editable. Feel free to change our templates to match yours.

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Creating a DIY Email Template

Despite downloading our email example PSD design template, you could also create it yourself. Let you read some tips for a DIY modern email template below!

  1. Purpose. What do you want to send? Do you want to send an email about the restaurant promotion? Or probably, are you about to send an academic institutional announcement? Well, you need to know your goal so that you could choose the suitable email header template, too.
  2. Icon or logo. If you create an email header template by yourself, it is best to insert your business or institutional logo or icon. Therefore, your email might look more formal, informative, and interesting.
  3. Contact info. If you wish your receiver will contact you as soon as he or she gets an email, you might insert your contact info. Even though he can reply by email, it is more informative if you include your complete contact info.

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Finally, an email template design sample is useful for anyone, especially for those who use email to send messages to others. Download our email template in PSD Photoshop freely soon!

Email Template Design Sample

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