Energy Audit Report Sample Template

Energy Audit Report Template: Identify the Energy Audit Easily

Hello good people! Do you often spend much time identifying an energy audit? If so, you may need a rightful report for such matters. To make a good report certainly need a proper template for something you want to report. So, energy audit report template will help you to identify some matters related to energy which is consumed by the facility or establishment you have. Then, after you have the printable energy audit report template and use it, you can easily manage the energy consumption of certain facilities. Thus, don’t hesitate to make use of this template properly.

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Top 5 Things to Report Using Energy Audit Report Template

There are some things around you that need to be reported using this template. Here are the top five you should know. Let’s check them out.

  1. Lightning

Lightning is a facility that consumes the energy of electricity. You can make a report for it to identify or just manage the regular consumption of it. The kinds of lightning that you can identify are those which exist on building lobby, building exterior, and also stairs.

  1. Heating and cooling system

Another thing that needs energy consumption is heating and cooling system. This facility consumes a little high energy. That is why you need to make a report of it with energy audit report template printable.

  1. Power usage in certain car parks

If you have a car park, there is certainly power usage like ventilation and lightning that consume energy. You can also make a report for this matter to manage the energy consumption of it.

  1. Hot water

If we talk about energy consumption, there is something that is closely related to it. Yes, it is hot water. This matter consists of several matters you can report. They are natural gas, solar boosted, and electric.

  1. Lifts

A lift is an important facility you can always find in a mall, apartment, office, and other public places. The energy consumption of this matter also needs to be managed well since lifts use lightning, motors, and also controllers.

Building Energy Audit Report

Benefits of Using Sample Energy Audit Report Template

This kind of report templates will give you a bunch of benefits while you are using it. What are they? Well, you can have a good look at the explanation below to find the answer.

  1. Easy to customize

The first thing you need to know about this template is being customizable. It allows you to edit it as you desire. As a result, you will get an easy way to provide a report of the energy audit that fits your needs.

  1. Compatible to popular file readers

This template is generally provided in PDF, Word, and Google Docs. Those formats are easy to be opened using certain apps you may have like Ms. Word, PDF reader, and other popular apps.

  1. Having a small size

All samples of this template have a small size. They are available no more than 500 KB. This condition certainly allows you to collect some samples for the next use in the future for different businesses.

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Well, that is all about the brief explanation of the energy audit report template sample. If you want to see the samples, just come to this page.

Energy Audit Report Sample Template

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