Entry Level Sales Resume Objective

Tips in Writing Entry Level Sales Resume Objective

Sales become one of the most-anticipated entry-level jobs for new graduates. To be sales, they have to meet the target sales and persuade the customers to use or buy products or services they offer. This job can be challenging for some people as they require several specific skills such as good communication skills. Below, you will read more thorough information about the duties of entry-level sales and the skills needed. Also, the samples of entry-level sales resume objective are presented in the end.

179. Entry Level Sales Resume Objective

Duties of Entry Level Sales

Sales can work in various companies so the assigned duties might get varied but these are several duties that entry-level sales do. Instead of prospecting the customers directly, entry-level sales usually research how to find effective selling strategies in persuading the customers. If they pass this step, they can start thinking of the prospective customers and how to contact them. Social media, emails, or calls can be good ways to do it. Once entry-sales receives positive feedback from prospective customers, they send follow-up messages and schedule meetings to promote the products or services. In the end, it is expected that they sell the products to meet the target.

Skills for Entry Level Sales

As the entry-level sales, one has to prove that s/he deserves the full-time job by showing needed skills like communication skills and competitiveness. Entry-level sales can get very competitive and the company will only consider the ones with best selling results. You also need to be able to explain the offered product fluently to the customers. At times, entry-level sales need to do a presentation to promote the product, so they have to be able to create an effective PowerPoint Presentation.

Salary of Entry Level Sales

Entry-level sales earn a salary up to $57,000 based on the national average pay base. In some cities, the salary can get higher. According to Glassdoor, the average payment is $64,000 in New York City. So, this might be the reason for you to make sales as your future career.

Sales Objective Resume Examples

As the sales field can get competitive, you have to write an outstanding resume objective focusing on your experience, skills, and qualifications. To give you a clearer idea, you can take a look at the sample below.

To look for a position of sales at ABC Inc. where I can expand my experience and utilize my marketing skills. With three-year of experience, I have good records of selling products and I can build good relationships with customers. I am also able to create an effective presentation and explain the products fluently to meet the company’s target.

Entry Level Office Resume Objective

For entry-level sales, you can focus on your qualifications and positive traits so the employer will be able to see your ability and consider your application.

To gain sales experience by applying at ABC Inc. as entry-level sales. With a strong background in marketing, I am familiar with public speaking and knowledge of sales procedures. I can operate basic Ms. Office programs and I am excellent at researching searching the prospective customers. I believe I will make positive contribution to the company.

These are the two samples of resume objectives that can help you in writing yours. Good luck!