ESL Teacher Resume Objective

Writing an Outstanding ESL Teacher Resume Objective

People are aware of the importance of English as a second language and it makes the ESL teacher as the long-run occupation in the education industry. ESL teachers teach English as the medium of instruction in the class to students who speak different languages such as German, French, etc. Aside from teaching in the class, an ESL teacher has other responsibilities that have to be done. You will read what they are, how to make an outstanding ESL teacher resume objective, and the skills needed.

34. ESL Teacher Resume Objective

Job Descriptions of ESL Teachers

It is obvious that the ESL teachers’ main responsibility is teaching English and with that comes a long list of preparation that needs to be done such as preparing the lesson materials, assessment, and activities. The teachers also need to do teaching reports and monitor students’ progress throughout the learning process. Sometimes, the ESL teachers are required to create the course planning to follow the institution’s goals. It is suggested that they collaborate with other teachers to provide a positive learning experience for the students and share the progress of each class.

Requirements of ESL Teachers

If you are interested in teaching English as Second Language, you should keep the ESL teacher resume objective a bit later after you know the requirements. To be one, someone has to have a degree in English or have a certificate that shows they are eligible to teach English in other languages. Sometimes, an experienced teacher is preferable as they are expected to know how to handle the students better. ESL teachers have to possess good communication skills and administrative skills such as entering students’ data on daily basis.

Resume Objective for Online Teaching Position

During a pandemic, classes are conducted online so the delivery of the lesson is different from the conventional class. It also applies to the ESL teacher resume objective that can have some changes. Below are some examples that can be as references. In writing the ESL teacher resume objective, you need to mention the position you apply for and emphasize the skills and experience you have.

Example 1

To obtain for a position of an English Teacher for Senior High School at ABC Institute in Finland to utilize my seven-year of experience and excellent understanding of delivering the materials. Able to perform administrative tasks and possess good communication and interpersonal skills that will be beneficial to have a good relationship with students.

Example 2

A ten-year experienced teacher with a certificate of TESOL to seek career opportunity to be an English teacher for adults at XYZ Institute in German. Excellent communication abilitycompleted with numerous teaching strategies to conduct within the class to have fun and effective teaching and learning process.

ESL Teacher Skills

After knowing how to write an ESL teacher resume objective properly, now you only need to know the skills that have to be mastered. The first is patience. Teaching English as a second language can be hard as the students are not accustomed to it. Teachers have to be patient to assist the students without showing that you are frustrated if one’s progress is not as fast as others. The second skill is communication, as stated before. You need to be able to deliver the lesson as clear as possible. It will be a good thing if the teacher knows how to differentiate the communication between young and adult students.

So, how is the journey so far? We hope through this article, you understand more of how to write an ESL teacher resume objective and prepare well to be an ESL teacher. We wish you the best!