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Facebook Ad Template: Promote the Product Creatively

Hello everyone! Are you looking for a way to advertise your brand on Facebook? If the answer is true, don’t worry about it! It is available in the Facebook ad template. By promoting your best products on Facebook, hopefully, it can help you to increase sales. Well, in this printable Facebook ad template, you will see that there are some lists of the template with different forms and designs. So, let’s check them out!

Facebook Ad Free Download PSD

4 Lists of the Facebook Ad Template

There will be available for you 4 lists of the free template in PSD that you can apply. What are they? Here are available for you.

  1. The template of company business Facebook ad

This kind of sample Facebook ad template is about the business solution. Greatly, it will help you to be visible in the social space. Then, to make the background of this template, you can use white color. Just combine it with the blue one for writing the brand of business solution. Here, you can add some statement or description of your brand. Don’t forget to write the company name on the brand that you have!

Facebook Ad Free PSD Templates

  1. The template of business solution Facebook ad

What about this second free PSD template? Yea, this kind of template applies dark grey color for the background of the template. On it, you can write your company name, your great business solution, and some description of the brand. It is so simple to use for everyone who needs the Facebook ad.

Facebook Ad Free Templates in PSD

  1. The template of teacher appreciation day Facebook ad

Then, in this template free PSD, you will know that this kind of template tells you to celebrate the teacher appreciation day. Here, you will have a spaghetti dinner. It is, of course, there are pictures of spaghetti, drink, and fruit. Since it is related to the teacher appreciation day, you can add the picture of a teacher and some stationaries. Those are like books, a ruler, a pencil, and others. Furthermore, the components that you should write are the title, date and time, and event location.

Facebook Ad PSD Flyer Templates

  1. The template of Valentine’s day promotion

The next Facebook ad template sample is about the promotion of pre-wedding on Valentine’s day. The background of this template is black. On this background, you will find the elements of the title, discount, organization’s logo, and contact number. In addition, there is a picture of a groom on the left side.

Facebook Ad PSD Templates Free

Good Tips for Using Facebook Ads

When you try to use the Facebook ad on this customizable PSD template, there are some tips that you can follow. What are they? Let’s check them out!

  1. Post a right ad

The first tip that you have to do in this free download PSD template is posting the right ad. It is, of course, at the right time too. Take, for example, if it is New Year, most people will look for something festive.

  1. Relies on the target audience

Then, the second tip in this PSD template free is trying to rely on your target audience. Please open new marketing opportunities!

Facebook Ad sample PSD Design

That’s all about the Facebook ad template printable. Have a nice try!


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