10+ Facebook Banner PSD Template Free

Facebook Banner Template: Advertise Your Product Attractively

What do you know about a Facebook banner template? Greatly, you can use this template to make the sure good promotion of the brand of your products. So, it will helpful for you, right? In addition, when you need the format of this printable Facebook banner template, this information will provide it in detail. Thus, to get the various designs of the template form, please follow it carefully!

Facebook Banner Free Templates in PSD

4 Forms of the Facebook Banner Template

This kind of banner template provides 4 forms of the template that are commonly made by people. Do you want to recognize them? Just pay attention to the following forms of the free PSD template!

  1. The banner template of corporate multipurpose

You have to know that this first free template in PSD is the best to use. It is because this template is included in a high-quality one and even you can download it for free. It usually uses dark blue and yellow colors for the background of the template. Here, you can add the logo of your company, strategy, analysis, consulting, and the website of the company.

Facebook Banner PSD Flyer Templates

  1. The sample of elegant Facebook banner

In this sample Facebook banner template, you will see that this template uses grey and dark red color as the background. Here, the main elements are your name, page name, slogan, address, phone number, subscribe, timeline, and email address.

Facebook Banner PSD Templates Free

  1. The Facebook banner of restaurant

What about this template free PSD? Yea, it is usually used if you have a restaurant and want to promote the delicious food to everyone. So, it is suggested for you to create this kind of template. When you make it, you can add a picture of the delicious food that will be offered on the template. Then, don’t forget to write your restaurant name! Besides, you can also add the started price of each meal.

Facebook Banner sample PSD Design

  1. The Facebook banner of digital marketing

The next Facebook banner template sample is commonly used in digital marketing. People will create this template if they are the firm of digital marketing and want to promote their business. Here, you may use the colors combination of red and white for the background. Then, how about the components in this banner template? Yea, you will find the organization’s logo, title, phone number, email address, started price per month, and the icon of check now.

Facebook Banner Templates Photoshop

Tips to Design the Template of Facebook Banner

Here are the tips to design this customizable PSD template. Follow it well!

  1. Use high-quality photos

If you use high-quality photos for the background, it can help you to convey your message.

  1. Use contrasting fonts

Then, this PSD template free allows you to use the contrasting fonts. It is usually used to make bold statements.

  1. Use illustrated icons

The other tip to design this free download PSD template is using the illustrated icons. You may use it to design your images. It will make the banner template look more professional.

  1. Use the right color palettes

Here, you can attract your customers by using the color palettes in the banner template. It will show the different cultures.

Facebook Banner Templates Free PSD

Well, that is the resume of the Facebook banner template printable. Have a nice understanding!


Facebook Banner Template Sample

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