Sample Free Business Receipt Templates

Free Business Receipt Templates: Get the Detail Transaction

Free business receipt templates can be defined as a written document that tells all the details of the final transaction. You must provide your customers with this template because you and the customers will get the information of the transaction concluded. Therefore, you need to make this kind of printable free business receipt templates. Then, you can also know more about some lists of this receipt template in the information below.

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10 Lists of the Free Business Receipt Template

There are 10 main lists of this receipt template. Let’s check them in detail!

  1. The template of sample sales receipt

It is available in Word form. It covers the company name, address, payment method, check number, job, quantity, item, description, unit price, discount, and line total.

  1. The template of used car sales receipt

There are car details, seller details, and purchaser details.

  1. The receipt of an example of goods and services

It contains the introduction and location of a controlled delivery font.

  1. The form of credit card purchase receipt

The elements are date, card, budget, department, vendor, amount, transaction’s explanation, employee, and approval.

  1. The receipt of example credit card

This kind of sample free business receipt templates tells company name, address, phone, card type, date, invoice, description, quantity, total amount, and signature.

  1. The template of financial receipt and invoice

It includes invoice details, date, service, rates price, adjust, and subtotal.

  1. The template of business receipt and invoice

You will find invoice details, subject, description, quantity, unit price, and amount.

  1. The form of confirmation of goods and services’ receipt

It contains the date, invoice number, vendor, name, and signature.

  1. The template of business sales receipt

It shows the company name, address, phone, salesperson, customer, item, quantity, description, unit price, discount, and line total.

  1. The template of printable sales receipt

What about this free business receipt templates sample? It is available in PDF form and consists of the date, quantity, description, price, amount, and total.

Sample 0507 Receipt of Goods V4.0 PDF

7 Elements in the Receipt Template

In this case, you need to recognize that there will be 7 elements in the receipt template. Here they are.

  1. Vendor details

This element includes the complete name of the seller, complete address, and contact information. Besides, you should include the name of the company owner.

  1. Vendee details

It tells the details of the buyer. You need to write the first and last name of the buyer.

  1. Transaction date

You should state the accurate date when the transaction happens. Please include the month, day, and year as the information!

  1. Product details

Here, you need to write a clear description of the products or services that were sold to the buyer. It covers the product name, quantity, product number, and others.

  1. Transaction amount

Don’t forget to write the original price, tax, labor charges, and discounts!

  1. Payment method

In this case, you have to note when the buyer pays the transaction through cash, check, credit card, or debit card.

  1. Signature

It means the signature of the buyer and vendor. It is the most important thing because it will guarantee the receipt.

The review above is about the free business receipt templates printable. Have an enjoyment learn!

Sample Free Business Receipt Templates

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