Fundraiser Receipt Template Sample

Fundraiser Receipt Template: A Form of Money Received Notice

Do you need a fundraiser receipt template? If it is so, please pay attention to the following information well! You have to know that this kind of receipt template is a sign that an organization or individual has received the money. Then, to certify the transaction, they should need the printable fundraiser receipt template. Please remember to add the amount of the donation to the tax deductibles! Well, please learn more about this kind of receipt template following these samples below!

Sample Fundraiser Donation

8 Samples of the Fundraiser Receipt Template

Actually, there will be 8 main samples of this receipt template that you can choose when you want to make it. Please follow this information well to check those samples!

  1. The receipt of the class fundraiser

In this kind of receipt template, you can find the elements of the title, name, address, phone, email address, amount, and date.

  1. The receipt of the non-profit fundraiser

This sample fundraiser receipt template tells the donation receipt. It covers donor information contact information, and information about donations.

  1. The receipt of email donation

You need to know that this receipt template contains the elements of speech and cursor actions. It is written in a two-column form.

  1. The receipt of fundraiser tax

It has some important elements that should be written in this template. They are the title, donor name, address, registration number, date, amount of gift, location receipt issued, and signature.

  1. The receipt of the printable fundraiser

This receipt contains the elements of donated by, address, phone, email address, date, and some statements about restoration commission.

  1. The receipt template of institute fundraiser

How about this fundraiser receipt template sample? It is shown with the elements of name, address, city, phone, fax, number of tickets, total, and signature.

  1. The receipt template of a team fundraiser

It includes the main elements like the title, donated by, donation amount, date, and some statements.

  1. The receipt of school fundraiser

In this last sample of receipt template, there will be the title, address, phone, email, date, received from, donation amount, and some statements.

Sample Class Fundraiser Receipt

3 Main Tips to Write the Receipt Template of Fundraiser

If you need this kind of receipt template and have a want to create it, you should do these tips below. What are those tips? Here they are.

  1. Include the charity’s name and logo

The first tip that you can do is that including the name and logo of the charity. You can do it for marketing purposes. To represent the organization, you can use the organization’s logo in this official document. Then, branding can also be used to advertise the organization.

  1. Include contact information

Then, don’t forget to include the contact information in this receipt template! It will be beneficial for people who want to donate to charity.

  1. Insert space for signatures

The last tip that you have to do is making available space to write the signatures of the donors. By using the signatures, it will make this receipt template more official.

Well, it is all about the fundraiser receipt template printable that you can know. Have good learning from it!

Fundraiser Receipt Template Sample

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