10+ Gift Card Template in PSD Photoshop

Gift Card Template INU PSD for Personal and Company Needs

Stay at home has created numerous new ideas such as making a gift card for meaningful people. Ease your homework using the gift card template INU in new designs. Choose this tool is a great benefit because it includes a customizable PSD design template. Of course, you use it with fun because it does to take much time and energy. By the way, have you seen the prior printable gift card template INU? Although the topic of the day is similar, the design of the template is new.

Gift Card Free Templates in PSD

New Gift Card Template INU that is easy to customize without dizzy

If you ever read the prior article about it here, you should remember about this case. Transparency masks, guides, as well as layers are three main elements existing in each PSD template free below. By the way, those elements are the key to free customizing features for the template. Now, it comes again carrying new sample gift card template INU to use. It is such as:

  1. Birthday Gift Card Mockup Template in Photoshop Document
  2. Chic Pink Gift Card Template with Flowers and Blue Gift Boxes
  3. Red Ribbon Gift Card for Christmas Celebration Template
  4. Orange White Price Tag Pattern Template Free PSD of Gift Card
  5. Happy Valentine Day Gift Card Theme Template PSD
  6. Simple Cool Gift Card with Vine Accessory Design Template
  7. Wedding Cake Theme Template of Gift Card PSD
  8. Garland Gift Card Template in Red Color Background Free Download PSD
  9. Polka Dots Yellow Gift Card Template with Birthday Hat Photoshop
  10. Gift Card PSD Template for Mother’s Day Carnation

Gift Card PSD Flyer Templates

How do you use one of the templates to create an impressive gift card? It is extremely essential to think about the way to use the template. This thing is the same as important as your intention to make other people happy. Well, these are some simple steps to use the template Photoshop for gift card:

  • Download the template that becomes your target
  • Follow the instruction to customize the color, design, text, and others. Usually, people play with the template by changing the background color first. Continue changing text like replacing, adding, and reducing. But, feel free to start where you should not do the same order.
  • Save the result and send it to your target’s email address. You can print it using cardstock paper before sharing it directly.

Gift Card PSD Templates Free

Gift Card or Gift Voucher

A lot of people still confuse to differ among the gift card and gift vouchers. Those are similar and you may edit the free template in PSD above for one of them. It turns out those terms have the same meaning. However, the gift card template INU sample is familiar in the US. Meanwhile, the name of the gift voucher is familiar in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the use of the gift card includes personal and company. You have guessed the purpose of giving a gift card for clients and siblings.

Gift Card sample PSD Design


That is new information on the gift card template INU printable. Let’s continue by customize the free PSD template of the gift card. Prepare it for individual purposes and business. Thank you for reading. Grow great with this page. Good luck!


Gift Card Template Sample

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