10+ Gift Tag Template Example PSD Design

Gift Tag Template to Show Your Love

Do your friends invite you to their birthday party, shower party, or others? Then, you must give them a gift to wish their happiness, right? Well, here, you might need a gift tag template. This template could be used for both formal and informal situations. Usually, this gift tag PSD template free might inform others that the gift is from you. Plus, it could be useful to say your wishes to words. Anyway, you might make a DIY printable gift tag template but you could also download its free download PSD gift tag here our page. Let’s check our gift tag collection for further info below!

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19+ Free Gift Tag Template For You

There are some kinds of gift tag customizable PSD template that might suit your preference here, on our site. All of them are available in A4 paper size and the US standard Letter. Again, they all are free to download but you need to connect your device to our site by being online in advance. Well, do not forget to click the download button near your selected template, too. By the way, let’s take a look at our favorite gift tag template printable designs in the following numbers below!

  1. Antique Blue and Peach Circles Gift Tag
  2. Free Download Navy Blue Flowery Gift Tag
  3. Teal Doodle Typographic Winter Holiday Gift Tag
  4. Pink Orange Doodles Gift Tag
  5. Gold Bordered Triangles Geometric Christmas Gift Tag
  6. White and Red Typographic Christmas Gift Tag
  7. Blue and Red Geometric Trip Gift Tag
  8. Pink and Orange Brush Strokes Gift Tag
  9. Pink, Blue, and Yellow Merry Bright Typographic Christmas Gift Tag
  10. Lilac and Cyan Geometric Holiday Gift Tag
  11. Yellow Typographic Southern Hemisphere Gift Tag
  12. Pink, Yellow, and Blue Star Typographic Gift Tag
  13. Glitter Bordered Christmas Gift Tag
  14. Pink Floral Holiday Gift Tag
  15. Cream with Birthday Vector Icon Gift Tag
  16. Blue Coral and Gold Typographic Script Gift Tag
  17. Black Stripes Birthday Gift Tag
  18. Violet Flower Handmade Gift Tag
  19. Pink Pastel Graffiti Gift Tag
  20. Yellow and Red Free Abstract Gift Tag

gift tag sample PSD Design

Finally, all sample gift tag template ideas above come in different, varied purposes and goals. Then, it is wise to choose one option which matches your preferences the most. For your additional information, our templates come in various formats but mostly in PSD photoshop.

gift tag Templates Free PSD

Creating a DIY Gift Tag

Do you want to create a DIY tag template free PSD? Why not? Let’s follow some tips to make a gift tag by yourself below!

  1. Background. Let you choose a suitable background that suits your goal. If it is for a birthday gift tag, you’d better choose the one with a birthday vector. Well, this will be a different case if it is a Christmas gift tag.
  2. Express your wish. Let you express your wish into words. You may say ‘happy birthday’, ‘I made this for you’, or ‘merry Christmas’. Well, it is up to you!
  3. Your name. let you write down your name so that the receiver may know that it was you who sent the gift.

gift tag Templates Photoshop

Finally, a gift tag template sample is a helpful item to show your wish to the one whom you give a gift. Choose and download your gift tag in Photoshop free download here for free now.


Gift Tag Template Sample 

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