10+ Graduation Announcement Customizable PSD Design Template

Graduation Announcement Template: Invite Your Lovely Ones

Have you graduated from your colleague? If you have got it, you should announce your graduation to your families by making a graduation announcement template. To do it, it is sure that you have to know in detail about the samples of this template. Don’t worry! In this useful information, it allows us to get the samples of the printable graduation announcement template. So, let’s check out for the samples below!

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5 Samples of the Graduation Announcement Template

This kind of template provides 5 samples of the form. Are you curious about them? Here are the samples of the customizable PSD template.

  1. The template of a beautiful graduation announcement

This first sample graduation announcement template tells you that this template uses black and white stripes for the background. Then, you can add your graduation photo on the left side of the template. For the components, there are class year, your name, date and time, location, and name of the university.

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  1. The template of premium graduation template

If you are a boy, you can create this free download PSD template. Just make the announcement on the left side and add your stylish photo on the right side. Here, you can use a white background for the template. Then, the included elements are the graduation year, invitation statement, your name, name of university, date and time, and location.

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  1. The template of best graduation announcement

How about this free template in PSD? Yea, you can apply this template if you want to add some beautiful photos of you. It is, of course, photos with different styles. Thus, it will look more attractive. Then, the components that you have to write are such as year, title, your name, school’s name, date and time, and location.

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  1. The template of the fabulous graduation announcement

Then, the other free PSD template is appropriate for girls. In this template, you may use a temple background of your photo on the left side. For the right one, just write the invitation that contains some aspects. They are like your name, your title, date, and name of the university.

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  1. The template of a colorful designed graduation announcement

The next graduation announcement template sample looks so colorful. It is because the background uses some nice colors in square forms. Those colors are black, Tosca, pink, orange, and yellow. For writing, it uses white color. Furthermore, what about the elements in this template? There will be year, title, name of school, date, time, and location.

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How to Make Graduation Invitations

The information below is about the steps to make the template free PSD. Please follow them well!

  1. Pick a size and shape

Just choose the size and shape of the template that you want to use.

  1. Select a theme

Then, you can choose the message combination, font, text, colors, and background for the template.

  1. Add the images

This PSD template free allows you to add your photos to the template.

  1. Choose a font

Here, you may make changes to font, color, spacing, shape, alignment, and opacity.

  1. Print the template

Last, just download the template and print it nicely!

graduation announcement Customizable PSD Templates 1

This is the source of the graduation announcement template printable. Have a nice learning!


Graduation Announcement Sample Template

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