10+ Graphic Design Resume Template

Graphic Design Resume Template: Selecting the Needed Format

A graphic design resume template is a kind of document that tells about the qualifications and competencies of a graphic designer. Actually, the job positions of a graphic designer are available in different fields. To make the template, you have to know the format of this printable graphic design resume template. However, don’t worry about that! You will find some various formats of this template in the following information.

Graphic Design Resume Template 8

5 Examples of the Graphic Design Resume Template

There will be available for you 5 examples of the template form that you can apply. What are they? Here are the examples of this free PSD template.

  1. The template of fresher graphic design

The first sample graphic design resume template will show you some important elements that you have to write in this template. Those elements are name,  email carrier objective, summary, academic profile, technical skill set, academic projects, major project, minor project, training, and personal details.

Graphic Design Resume Template 9

  1. The template of modern graphic design

In this second template free PSD, you will see that it is a sample resume of graphic design. There will be significant components that you should include. What are they?? Yea, they are name, address, email, qualification, professional development, design experience, and customer service experience.

Graphic Design Resume Template 10

  1. The template of corporate graphic designer

The next free template in PSD is about the corporate graphic designer. In this kind of template, you will find the main aspects of name, website, email, detail contact, profile, IT skills, clients, and employment.

Graphic Design Resume Template 1

  1. The template of professional graphic designer resume

How about this graphic design resume template sample? In this template, you may add your photo on the top left side. Then, the other elements that you have to include are name, title, detail contact, skills, software, hobbies, personal information, education, and work experience.

Graphic Design Resume Template 2

  1. The template of free designer resume

Then, the other customizable PSD template tells the resume template of a free designer. In this template, you can also add your photo on the top left side of the template. The components are such as name, title, about me, detail contact, social links, languages, academic education, and professional qualification. There are also personal skills, professional skills, work experience, and awards and achievement.

Graphic Design Resume Template 3

Main Elements in the Template of Graphic Design Resume

There will be 6 important elements that you have to include in this PSD template free. Let’s check them out for detailed information!

  1. The company

It means that the companies that you have worked as a graphic designer.

  1. Graphic design trends

In this second element, you should state the graphic design that you can do.

  1. Knowledge

Here, you have to include your knowledge and also the techniques implemented in the graphic design industry.

  1. Graphic design projects

Then, it is also needed for you to write the graphic design projects in this free download PSD template.

  1. Skills

The next element that you must include is the skills and abilities of the graphic design that you have.

  1. Experience

The last element that can write is experience. It is, of course, related to the field of graphic design.

Graphic Design Resume Template 4 Graphic Design Resume Template 5 Graphic Design Resume Template 6 Graphic Design Resume Template 7

It is the resume of the graphic design resume template printable. Learn it nicely!


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