10+ Greeting Card PSD Template Free

Greeting Card Template for Special Occasions

Are you about to send a Christmas greeting card? Or probably, do you want to create a birthday card for your friends? Then, why don’t you use a greeting card template? This kind of greeting card PSD template free may be useful to express your gratitude on special occasions. They include IED Mubarak day, Christmas, birthday, thanksgiving, valentine, easter, anniversary, etc. You could create a greeting card alone but you could download a printable greeting card template on our website, too. We offer you several kinds of template free PSD greeting cards in different designs ideas, and purposes. Let’s check it out for further info below!

Greeting Cards sample PSD Design

17+ Helpful Greeting Card Template Samples

Some necessary kinds of greeting card template printable designs may exist on our site. All of them are free to download with an internet connection. For your information, our templates are kind of a customizable PSD template so it is easy to customize it yourself. Well, anyway, let’s take a look at our nice greeting card samples in the following numbers below!

  1. Free Download Classic Thanksgiving Greeting Card
  2. Sample Neon Business Greeting Card
  3. Simple Pastel Friend Photo Greeting Card
  4. Red Heart Happy Valentine’s Day Greeting Card
  5. General Kids Greeting Card
  6. Daily Postal Border Floral Greeting Engagement Card
  7. White Photo Anniversary Modern Greeting Card
  8. Colorful Christmas Photo Greeting Card
  9. Editable Bordered Birthday Greeting Card
  10. Pink Floral Greeting Wedding Card
  11. Rabbit Pastel Watercolor Easter Greeting Card
  12. Purple Gold Minimalist IED Mubarak Greeting Card
  13. Neon Colorful Accent Pregnancy Greeting Card
  14. Colorful Snowflakes Holiday Greeting Card
  15. Black and White Ghost Icon Yellow Halloween Greeting Card
  16. Blue and Pink Graduation Greeting Card
  17. Blue and Orange Family Photo Anniversary Greeting Card
  18. Lilac Couple Hugging Photo Anniversary Greeting Card
  19. Cream Lighted Brown Candles Kwanzaa Greeting Card

Greeting Cards Templates Free PSD

All of the sample greeting card template ideas mentioned above are available in the formal US standard Letter with A4 paper size. Well, they exist in several different formats but mostly, our greeting cards are available in PSD Photoshop.

Greeting Cards Templates Photoshop

Creating A DIY Greeting Card

If you are interested to create a greeting card DIY template Photoshop yourself, you need to mention some tips below!

  1. The purpose. What is the purpose of creating a greeting card? Is it for an anniversary celebration? Is it for a birthday greeting? Is it for a congratulation card? Or probably is it for a Halloween, Christmas, IED Mubarak, or other special occasions? Well, you’d better know your goals first.
  2. Theme. To make your greeting card becomes interesting, you need to use a catchy, creative, and fun theme. Let you add some icons, vectors, or pictures that match the theme as well. Yet, remember for not adding too many vectors.
  3. Photograph. You could use the photograph of your husband and you, or with your kids, if you have. This is, of course, for the anniversary greeting card.

Greeting Cards Customizable PSD Design Templates

Finally, the greeting card template sample is very useful for you to express your congratulation feeling or happiness to others. Find all greeting PSD flyer template designs here for updated ideas.


Sample Greeting Card Template

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