Harassment Investigation Checklist Sample template

Harassment Investigation Checklist saves your Employee from this Embarrassed Case

Harassment can happen anywhere and most victims are women. The company also must concern in this case because an employee can harass another. Prepare a harassment investigation checklist template to follow up on any report. But, do not hope you will use it because none wants to experience this offense. You merely understand it and have for anticipation. The most important thing you have made the policy and make sure they obey it. Nonetheless, you should see the sample harassment investigation checklist below. Let’s see!

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2 Examples of Harassment Investigation Templates in Various Formats

Today, this page differs from the prior articles where there are only two examples for this checklist. Even though, the harassment investigation checklist sample templates below come in various and easy to use formats.  There are Apple Pages, Google Docs, and Word where those formats are familiar for you. Besides that, both examples free customizable same as other template types.

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Well, these are free printable harassment investigation checklist to see in 2020. You must need one of them or do not be an objection to take all:

  1. Investigation Checklist Template for Harassment Crime in Google Docs, Word, and Pages
  2. Word and Pages Checklist Template for Harassment Investigation in Workplace

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How to investigate the Harassment Case Successfully

Complain to the police or employer about the harassment case is not easy for the victim. They feel shy although the form of the harassment is verbal. On the other hand, they often get ultimatum or none believe about it. So, you must conduct the exact step to overcome this case. Here are 8 steps for conducting harassment investigation successfully:

  • Move quickly after receiving the report

Take an action immediately when receiving a report although the investigation does not complete yet. It is a serious case that you may not underestimate it but move as fast as possible. You must keep the evidence from any damage and suspend the accused until the case investigation complete.

  • Point credible investigator

Next, you must point the credible investigator that neutral from the victim and the defendant. The function of the investigator is as the witness that testifying in court.

  • Plan your investigation

Start to investigate but organize all the need to conduct it like the employee complaints, supervisor reports, written warnings, and so on. Use your document or information to investigate. But, you should think about the people to interview, witnesses, and the harassment place, date, and time.

  • Make an interview

Conduct interviews with the accused and then the victim. You can do it to the witness if any. Use open-ended questions with the answer more than yes or no.

  • Gather the document along with other pieces of evidence

You must gather the documents and the evidence on the case as many as possible. It is useful to make the final decision so gather all. It is such as the correspondences, email messages, personnel files, company policies, and so on.

  • But, you need to evaluate the evidence

Evaluate all of the evidence

It turns out you should evaluate the evidence and match it to the interview result. Who knows an informant is giving false information?

  • Time to make the decision

Okay, it is time to decide if you feel the harassment claim is valid. Follow the company procedure and rule about the consequence to the accused where it leads to immediate termination.

  • You should document the result of the investigation

After everything is clear you should document the investigation result. It will help you to overcome the same case in the future if it occurs again.

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Hopefully, your company will not face this case so that the harassment investigation checklist printable only becomes your inventory. Besides, no one wants to get a case this bad.