Help Desk Resume Objective

Resume 101: All about Help Desk Resume Objective

In this article, you will learn deeply about help desk career and how to start it. You will also get a quick and simple review to make a winning help desk resume objective, but first of all, you have to learn what is actually a help desk personnel is and what their roles are.

16. Help Desk Resume Objective

What is Help Desk and what they do?

People who work as help desk are also known as technical support, IT support, or service desk. They provide assistance for their customers in technical knowledge such as computer systems, software, and hardware.

Are There Levels in Technical Support? What are Their Roles?

Some companies organized their help desk to some levels. The most common one is 3 levels of technician support. They organize it to provide fast and effective services. Their roles and responsibility are different as stated below.

Level 1 Support: The Beginner

The first level of support usually consists of people with the least experience. They are usually responsible for collecting customers’ requests and data, dealing with phone calls from the customer, replying emails and social media messages, conducting basic troubleshooting, sorting some requests for level 2 support, providing product information, solving basic problems (issues about accounts, installation,  menu navigation, and set up).

Level 2 Support: The Mediator

Dealing with the problem that has been sorted out by the level 1 personnel is the level 2 support responsibility. They have to review the report made by the level 1 support, get in-depth with the problem and fix it. If they cannot solve it, they will give the query to the level 3 support.

Level 3 Support: The Experts

This level consists of experts who have the highest access to the product information. If necessary, they can report it to the company and change the product and inform it to level 1 and 2 support.

Now that you understand the job description of an IT support, next you will learn about the importance of a help desk resume objective and the samples.

How Important is a Help Desk Resume Objective?

An objective of your resume can conclude your skills only in a sentence. You have to state the goal of your resume—which is to obtain a position as a help desk personnel—by stating your skills, experiences, or your educational background. So that is why you need a good help desk resume objective to get the job.

Reference to Some Good Technical Support Objectives and Goals

Here are some good samples of objective statements which can be used in your help desk technician resume.

  • I would like to make use of my experiences for years as a help desk support and make it beneficial to your company.
  • To get a career where I can use my professional skills of computer system and customer service.
  • To get a job position as IT support in a corporation where I can use my skills in understanding computer systems and assist junior staff which can be beneficial to the company.
  • To obtain a position that uses my skills in conducting troubleshoot software, handling customers, multi-tasking, assisting juniors with my experience as professional technician support.
  • To use my education certification and apply and develop my understanding in working management, communication with customers, technical support to make a profit for this organization.
  • Securing a position in your company which fitted my educational qualification in computer systems, my skills in handling customers and assisting both customers and juniors.

That’s all about Technician support and help desk resume objectives. Hope that it can enlighten you.