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High School Diploma Template: Creating the Creative Designs

Hello, great people! Are you looking for the high school diploma template? If you are, the following information will help you to provide some creative and interesting designs of the templates. Talking about the diploma, it symbolizes someone’s hard work and passion to finish a certain study field. So, in this review, you will know some kinds of the printable high school diploma template. Pay attention to it well!

high school diploma sample PSD Design

5 Kinds of the High School Diploma Template

You need to recognize that this template will tell you 5 main kinds of template designs. Are you curious about them? Here are the kinds in the free template in PSD.

  1. The template of a high school diploma

This sample high school diploma template uses white color for the background. Then, the important components that you should include are the title of the certificate, the person’s name who receives the certificate, and the person’s title. The other ones are the date, statement, organization’s logo, and signature.

high school diploma Templates Free PSD

  1. The template of diploma certificate

In the second free PSD template, you will see that this diploma template uses cream color. It is also combined with green color on the edge of the template. For the elements, there will be the certificate’s title, organization’s logo, and a person’s name. Then, there is also a kind of joining the course, date, total marks, mark obtained, percentage, grade, and signatures.

high school diploma Templates Photoshop

  1. The template of the colorful diploma

What about this customizable PSD template? According to the name, this template looks so colorful. It combines some colors like purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, and red on the edge of the template. However, the background uses white color. Here, you can add the proper decorations like a color pencil, pencils, pens, and a ruler. Then, for the elements, there will be the template’s title, person’s name, school name, some statement, and signatures.

high school diploma Customizable PSD Design Templates

  1. The template of calligraphy diploma

In the next high school diploma template sample, it shows the template in blue color. Actually, this kind of diploma template is embellished with blue color on the edge of the template. Here, there will be the title, presented name, some statement, and signatures. It looks so simple, doesn’t it?

high school diploma Customizable PSD Templates

  1. The template of free printable online certificate

Furthermore, the other free download PSD will show you that the background of this template uses a light brown color. How about the components in this template? Yea, there is the certificate title, presented name, title, some statement, and signatures.

high school diploma Free Download PSD

Main Features in the Diploma Template

It offers 3 main features that you have to know in this template free PSD. Here are the features.

  1. Design and font style

The first feature is the design and font style must be in harmony. So, every detail of the diploma will complete the design concept.

  1. Avoid overdoing the design

It means that the design of the template must not overshadow the legibility of the diploma.

  1. Observe the balance

In this case, this PSD template free tells that the design should observe the balance of professionalism. So, preserving the professional character of the diploma is a must.

high school diploma Free PSD Templates

This is the information about the high school diploma template printable. Understand it well to get a better comprehension!


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