Sample Hiring Employee Checklist template

Hiring Employee Checklist Free in 4 Templates and 18 Hiring Procedures

Nowadays, this page wants to help any company and the Human Resource Department to hire people. This page helps them through hiring employee checklist that is effective to get the best employees. It is the best in the meaning quality (skill) and the behavior. By the way, both elements are important to have by each employee. The sample hiring employee checklist comes along with many things to list. You will be surprised if you never hire people formally but you will like it. Be ready to say thank you!

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4 Free Printable Templates of Hiring Employee Checklist

Do not feel down if this page merely presents a few hiring employee checklist sample templates. You only get 4 free printable templates for in Words, Pages, and Google Docs.

Exactly, the printable hiring employee checklist to download freely:

  1. Word and Pages Templates of Applicant Appraisal Form Questions
  2. Pages and Word Checklist Questionnaire Templates for Hiring a Lawyer
  3. Word and Pages Checklist Templates for Hiring Employee
  4. Pages, Docs, and Word Checklist Templates for Hiring Employee

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Here are 18 Items to hiring Employee Procedure

There will be 18 points to as the procedure to hire an employee. Let’s see it:

  1. Determine the objective to hire a new employee for your company or business.
  2. Find an alternative way to handle the job before looking for additional staff.
  3. Hold a meeting with the HR leader, manager, and recruiter before making the final decision.
  4. Develop the requirement from the basic need such as the quality, characteristic, experience, special traits, and so on.
  5. Inform on the base salary to the candidate for the position later on.
  6. Make sure the company or department can employ for the position.
  7. Before advertising the job vacancy attach it in the company bulletin board first. Who knows the family or friends one of the employees know the talented candidate.
  8. Inform on this announcement to the employees pretty they know it
  9. Tell to the internal candidate if he or she does not fulfill the qualification (if you do not find it).
  10. If you get the employee for the internal candidate, soon, offer the job description and the salary.
  11. Then, you must decide when he/ she can fill the new position after discussing it with the supervisor.
  12. If there is no candidate that interest or fulfill the qualification, extend your searching for an external candidate.
  13. Spread the job vacancy through the official website, online job search, pamphlet, brochure, and the newspaper.
  14. Cooperate with the university career centers and follow their job fairs.
  15. Make a brainstorm to the recruitment team about how to find the best candidate for the job vacancy.
  16. When you have applicants for the job send an email and tell their resume has received.
  17. Go on the screening process through their resume and compare it with the qualifications that you set.
  18. Make a shortlist of the applicants after the Human Resources staff and the hiring manager check all applications that they accept for the position.

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Truthfully, there are more points to know about the procedure of hiring an employee. But, it is possible to discuss all here because of the time. However, you can find the rest as time goes by and at the meeting. Thank you for reading the hiring employee checklist printable. Good luck with a new talented and professional employee.