Hotel Checklist template sample

Hotel Checklist: Convince the Consistency in Doing the Task

Hello, a businessman! Do you have a business for a hotel? If the answer is true, you need to create a hotel checklist. Actually, it can be used by the hospitality industry to inspect and improve hotel service quality. So, by using this printable hotel checklist, you can show the daily inspections. Besides, you can also keep the hotel staff on track with the duties’ list in that checklist template. Here, it is available for you some main samples that you can make. Let’s check them out!

Sample Hotel Checklist for Package Template

9 Samples of the Hotel Checklist

In this kind of checklist, you need to know that it is provided for you 9 samples that you can try to make. To know it more, you can check the information below.

  1. The checklist example of hotel supplement

This kind of checklist has the elements of applicant, location, date, agency contact phone, annual revenue, general, and liquor liability.

  1. The checklist template of a hotel package

In this sample hotel checklist, you will find the hotel’s initial package checklist.

  1. The checklist example of hotel staff

It tells the staff a checklist for the hotel trade. There will be two components like warning signs and what to do.

  1. The checklist template of hotel safety

What about this checklist template? The elements in this template are the title, supervisor, department, area, date, fall prevention, back safety, and fire safety.

  1. The checklist template of hotel housekeeping

You have to know that this checklist covers the title, full name, gender, age, date, safety, cleanliness, employee performance, and remarks.

  1. The checklist template of hotel maintenance

It is available the elements of full name, age, gender, date, sanitation, water and power supply, and staff.

  1. The checklist example of hotel inspection

How about this hotel checklist sample? It contains the title, hotel name, address, city, phone, fax, website, hotel contact, email, hotel information, and transportation.

  1. The checklist example of hotel accessibility

It shows the hotel accessibility checklist for travelers with disabilities. The elements that you should include are parking, mobility, and notes before you book.

  1. The checklist for a hotel of customer access

It includes the title, access to the shared areas of the building, and ease of access when moving around the premises.

Sample Hotel Checklist for Reservation

5 Simple Steps to Write the Checklist of Hotel

If you want to create this kind of checklist, you are very suggested to do the following steps. Here they are.

  1. Check the motive

By checking the motive of your checklist, you can know the reason and purpose of making this template.

  1. Give right title

You have to tell what the checklist is about the audience.

  1. Enter the details

Then, the details can be the cleanliness and safety of the hotel, and others.

  1. Arrange the details

Don’t forget to arrange them appropriately in good order! So, please make the checklist look well-organized!

  1. Proofread

What does it mean? Yea, it is used to check the document before finalizing it. It is because people want their final result in error-free.

Sample Hotel Inspection Checklist

That’s all about the hotel checklist printable. You can know the different samples of the templates.

Hotel Checklist template sample

Sample Hotel Saftey Checklist Template Sample Hotel Suppplement Checklist Sample Staff Checklist for Hotel