House Inspection Checklist Sample template

House Inspection Checklist: Get the Data of Exterior and Interior

Do you want to buy a new house? Actually, it becomes the main investments in your life. To choose the appropriate home, you should create and use a house inspection checklist. It is, of course, based on the efforts of requires paramount and analysis of the property. Thus, the printable house inspection checklist is important to use to get the complete knowledge of the exterior and interior of the house. Don’t forget to examine the house first properly before buying it!

Sample Electrical House Inspection Checklist

9 Lists of the House Inspection Checklist

It will be provided for you 9 lists of the checklist of house inspection. What are the lists? Here they are.

  1. The checklist of a total home inspection

In this first checklist template, you should know that there are some elements in it. They are the title, note, grounds, and structure.

  1. The checklist of a new home inspection

This kind of checklist template tells checking the outside. The elements are like external paintwork, external pipes, garages, drives pathways, gardens, walls, fences, gates, roofs, and notes.

  1. The checklist of home electrical inspection

What about this sample house inspection checklist? There are the elements of scout’s name, outlets, line cards, extension cards, plugs, ground fault circuit interrupters, light bulbs, and plug-in appliances.

Sample First Look Home Inspection Checklist

  1. The checklist of a rental house inspection

It covers some main elements. They are the title, the items in the living room and kitchen, quantity, specific location, condition on arrival, and condition on departure.

  1. The checklist of a simple home inspection

There will be the elements of the title, area, position of inspection, remarks, lot area, exterior, surfaces, foundation, roof, and dining room.

  1. The checklist of house building inspection

You will find the title, address, company, date, time, exterior, garage, contact, and inspector’s name.

  1. The checklist of a house buyer inspection

How about this kind of checklist template? It contains the title, property address, doors, windows, wall, ceiling surfaces, and notes.

  1. The checklist of a first-look home inspection

This house inspection checklist sample includes examine the roof, use your nose, turn on the faucets, open windows and doors, and others.

  1. The checklist template of a rental house inspection

It consists of the title, date, items, and remarks.

3 Great Benefits of the Checklist of House Inspection

If you write and use this kind of checklist, you will have 3 main benefits that you can get from it. Are you curious about those benefits? Don’t worry! They will be available for you.

  1. Never forget anything

The first benefit from using this checklist is that will never forget anything that comes with a detailed list of the items. So, many things can forget to examine the inspecting house.

  1. Helpful in deciding

Then, you have to know that all the checklist kinds of house inspection above are very helpful. It is because the checklist can help you to decide whether a house is ideal to be bought for the long term.

  1. Printable checklist

Those kinds of the checklist are printable. In this case, you can check all the points of the house based on the inspection result.

Sample House Buyer Inspection Checklist

It is a good review of the house inspection checklist printable. Have a nice try!

House Inspection Checklist Sample template

Sample House Inspection Checklist Sample House property inspection checklist Sample New Home Inspection Checklist Sample Rental House Inspection Checklist Sample Total Home Inspection Checklist