Sample HR Audit Report template

HR Audit Report: Serve Yourself Identify the HR Practice Easily

Do you know the role of a human resource audit in your company? Well, it can serve you to identify if the HR practice in your company is legal, effective, and adequate. Therefore, in business, to look at human resource policies is important. Then, with the HR audit report, you will get an easier way to report everything related to the policy of human resources in your company. This condition will make sure that you can manage your company well. Considering that this printable HR audit report will help you to make a report easier, you can find the most suitable sample HERE.

HR Internal Audit Report1

Guidance to Make a Good HR Audit Report

If you want to make this report, there are some steps to follow to make your report well-ordered. So, have a good look at the explanation below to get the guidance.

  1. Determine the type of audit and its scope

First, you have to determine which area you have reviewed related to the audit. By doing this way, it will be easier for you to know what to report before handing it over. Besides you, it will be better to determine the type and scope of audit with someone who helps you do the audit of human resources.

  1. Write the report introduction

In the process of writing the HR audit report printable, you have to remember including an introduction. With the existence of the introduction, the reader can see the type of audit that you have managed. The existence of this matter will also help the reader know the background of the report before they go through it. So, that is why it is important to always give an introduction to any report you make.

  1. Collect the data

Third, you have to collect the important data you have. Every data you need should be gathered to simplify you place everything into your report of HR audit. As a result, you will not miss any data whenever you need to start placing them in this template.

  1. Follow the scope and purpose methodology

There are scope and purpose methodology you should follow when you make a report of the HR audit. To make it happen, you need to answer some questions about why the audit was conducted. Besides, you have to give an answer to what information was and was not included during the process of creating a report. Then, also answer what time period the audit was directed and what its objective is.

HR Audit Final Report

  1. Share the standards where you conduct the audit

When you do this step, the reader can be sure that the auditor has the capability to conduct the audit properly.

  1. Write down some recommendations

To do this step can lead to the development of the entity audited.

File formats of the Sample HR Audit Report

Generally, this template is available in a few formats as follows.

  1. PDF

For you who like to have a file with e-book performance, you can choose this format.

  1. Word

Second, this template is available in Word format. If you choose this format, you can edit or customize it to fit the condition of your company.

  1. Apple pages

This format will be beneficial for you who use different kinds of devices from Apple. With those devices, this template is readable on them.

HR Internal Audit Report

That is all about the HR audit report sample you can recognize. To get more samples, just visit this page.


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