ICU Nurse Resume Objective

A Full Guidance of ICU Nurse Resume Objective

Medical officials vary in many different names and responsibilities to conduct. One of them is ICU Nurse that owns an important role within the health sector. As it is similar to common nurse’s responsibilities, ICU nurse takes care of the patients to support the doctors. Before writing the ICU Nurse resume objective, you need to know the differences between ICU nurses and other nurses, as well as the job descriptions, and the qualities of ICU nurses.

35. ICU Nurse Resume Objective

What is Exactly ICU Nurse?

ICU Nurse is slightly different with the nurses who are working in the non-ICU department. ICU nurses manage critical patients who need immediate treatment from medical officials. ICU nurses are usually called critical care nurses. The main purpose of the ICU nurses is to make sure that patients recover from critical conditions. The pace of the ICU is not as fast as ER department so ICU nurses can focus on each patient and it is more in the long-term care situation compared to ER department.

Job Descriptions of ICU Nurse?

Before writing your ICU Nurse resume objective, you need to manage the responsibilities of the job. ICU nurse has a role to monitor patients’ condition such as the vital signs or other health equipment to support the treatment, also to note prescribed medication. ICU nurse is responsible for the needs of the patients like preparing the food, conducting the grooming, and preparing the medication to be consumed.

Nursing Student Resume Objective

Sometimes, a nursing student has a chance to apply for the ICU nurse position but they have to write an effective ICU nurse resume objective to get the position as it is a competitive role. The samples below can be used as references.

Sample 1

Hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic nursing student who is looking for a position of ICU nurse at ABC Hospital. Gaining the highest GPA for several semesters in a row makes me ready to utilize my excellent skills in documenting the patients’ data and helping the ICU department to provide the best environment for the patients.

Sample 2

To look for a position as an ICU nurse at ABC Hospital where I can use my knowledge in medical procedures especially in the ICU department. I also have a good understanding of how to provide nursing care for the patients.

ICU Nurse Resume Summary

Sometimes, one wants to change the workplace and they have more to write in ICU nurse resume objectives like their experience and skills. Below are the resume summaries written by ICU nurses when they are applying for the same position in different workplaces.

Sample 1

Professional and compassionate nurse with a CCRN certificate who has been working for the ICU department for six years. Interested in joining ABC Hospital as the ICU Nurse to employ my expertise and critical care knowledge as to provide the best quality service to the patients.

Sample 2

To obtain the position of ICU Nurse at ABC Hospital with a strong background of critical care knowledge and eight-year experience to count as an intensive care nurse. Having good communication skills and understanding in medical procedures to assist the doctors in examining the patients.

After reading several samples of ICU nurse resume objectives, we hope you are no longer confused in creating your own now.