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ID Card Template INU for Working and Studying

Wearing an ID card in the workplace and when joining an event is very important. This tool helps others acquire your identity completely without asking directly. Use the right tool like ID card template INU that is effective information on your identity. It provides strategic space for your name, genre, position, and others in detail. Even, your co-worker or guest can read it easily without needing a long time. By the way, this tool presents many samples in Photoshop free download. Well, let’s check your printable ID card template INU!

ID Card PSD Flyer Templates

ID Card Template INU for Student, Employee, Doctor, and Others

Looking for a template of the ID card is not difficult both in PSD Photoshop and other formats. But, you better choose this file format that matches any Photoshop software.  The sample ID card template INU that you will download freely is not only appropriate for one necessary. You can download it randomly and use it for the doctor, employee, and the general. Let’s see your samples of ID card below:

  1. Identity Card Template for Office in Photoshop Format
  2. PSD Template of ID Card with Photo for Multipurpose
  3. Corporate Office Template Free PSD of ID Card
  4. Doctor ID Card in PSD Template Format Design
  5. ID Card for Employee in Photoshop Template Format
  6. PSD Template of ID Card for Daycare Staff
  7. Student ID Card PSD Template Idea
  8. Advertising Agency ID Card in Customizable PSD Template
  9. Basic ID Card PSD Template Design
  10. Blank Template PSD for General ID Card Design

ID Card PSD Templates Free

Well, what do you see on the ID card template INU sample above? You should find important things that prove your identity. It can be in the form of the name, birth date, address, nationality, gender, and age. Besides that, the ID card has a card number and security features. Usually, it appears in the form of your image, biometric data, and thumbprint.

ID Card sample PSD Design

6 Guides Designing ID Card in PSD Template Design

There are 6 steps of using the customizable PSD design template for resulting professional ID card look. It consists of:

  • Know the type of ID card

It turns out the ID card breaks into two types based on the use for students or employees. Both have a different design but you can find the right template design here. So, who is your ID card target?

  • Download your PSD template free

Next, you download the PSD template of ID card or you cannot customize it. Feel free to take any template of the ID card above.

  • Minimal personal identity

ID card does not need detailed personal identity so you should minimize the existence on the card. Here, you must follow the rule of minimalism in terms.

  • Choose blank template

The blank template gives greater freedom than other templates Photoshop and you can explore your creativity.

  • Print the result after finishing customize

If you have finished editing and check for error you may print it. Choose the right paper for printing and this article use cardstock paper.

ID Card Templates Free PSD

Okay, that is detailed information on ID card template INU printable. Everybody may download it for making an ID card for employees, staff, students, and others. Thank you for reading. Realize a new cool ID card after this. Good luck!


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