Sample Induction Checklist Templates

Induction Checklist Templates: Train Your New Employees Easily

Are you a business owner? If so, there will be a moment you need to recruit new employees. In this process, you need to provide induction training to see the skills and abilities of the employees. Then, you can make use of induction checklist templates to assist you to check a few details related to the employee’s skills and abilities. You can also use this template to review or analyze the data you get from the induction training done by the employees. So, make sure you get the printable induction checklist templates before providing induction training to your new employees.

Sample Contractor Induction Checklist

How to Use Induction Checklist Templates

When you want to start induction training using this template, there are some matters to do. Just follow the explanation below.

  1. List the steps

First, you need to list the steps you want to take. Make sure you list the accurate steps to see the new members’ skills while joining an induction training.

  1. Consider the best step

After you finish listing the steps to be taken, you can consider when to take which step and also where to do it as well. Thus, you can get the most appropriate step to use.

  1. Track the step you have taken

When you have got the best step, you can, then, track it. What you do will lead to good results since you make it happen with the best step.

  1. Document the process

To record the details of what new employees do in the induction training, you can document the process. It is the best way to remind you of everything about the employees’ training process.

Sample Health and Safety Induction Checklist

Most Important Aspects of the induction checklist templates printable to the New Employee

This template has important aspects to the new employee. That is why it is categorized as a helpful template for the company owner. Here are some aspects to this template.

  1. Company introduction

The good induction checklist usually has an introduction to the company aspect. Fortunately, this template has it and you can use it as the draft for your own checklist. In the introduction aspect, it provides spaces to present a company’s vision and mission. So, you will have a chance to write them by using this template.

  1. The culture of the company

The second aspect that makes this template become good-categorized is the existence of space to write company culture. Thus, you can show your company culture through this template. The culture can be related to employee treatment, core values, and also day-to-day flow.

  1. The staff hierarchy

This kind of sample induction checklist templates lets you show the staff hierarchy to the audience. This matter can be completed with introductions to colleagues and leaders.

  1. Company’s expectation from the staff

This matter is so necessary to get an articulated upfront for the company. You have a chance to put this matter in your induction checklist with this template.

  1. Key policies, the system of the company, set up, procedures, and so on

You can also find those details in this template that will make complete data in one induction checklist.

Sample HR Induction Checklist

Well, that is all about the induction checklist templates sample you can learn. Just make the process of your company employees selection run will with it.

Sample Induction Checklist Templates

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