10+ Instagram Post Template Free Download PSD

Instagram Post Template: It Helps You to Create Interesting Instagram Posts

An Instagram must be one of the social media that people use to promote products such as food, clothes, make-up, etc. If you want to make your Instagram post interesting, you might need the Instagram post template. This kind of Instagram template Photoshop must be very effective to create a catchy post in Instagram because it is creative and varied. It sometimes contains pictures and words. Well, if you want to get a printable Instagram post template, you could visit our page here. We offer you several kinds of Instagram post free PSD template in various designs and ideas. You can download them all freely. Anyway, let’s talk about our template collection for further info below!

Instagram post Free PSD Templates

17+ Helpful Instagram Post Template For Free

Several helpful Instagram post template printable ideas in our web here might help you to promote your business or project to others effectively. For your information, our templates for Instagram posts are available in several various formats. Yet, mostly, they come in Photoshop free download. Now, let’s take a look at our different Instagram post templates in the following numbers below!

  1. Wonderful Ocean Photograph Quote Instagram Post
  2. Big Green Leaves Quote Instagram Post
  3. London Travel Minimalist Instagram Post
  4. Mountain Fuji Quote Instagram Post
  5. New Pink Border Quote Instagram Post
  6. Tasty Lemon Pie Cake Instagram Post
  7. Sample Shape Animal Monument Gallery Instagram Post
  8. Customizable Winter Wonderland Picture Collage Instagram Post
  9. Printable Fresh Drink Water Photo Instagram Post
  10. Big Building Photograph Red HashTag Instagram Post
  11. Yellow Beer Modern Open Bar Instagram Post
  12. Timeless Elegant Boxing Gloves Instagram Post
  13. Pastel Pink and Colorful Cosmetic Sale Instagram Post
  14. Delicious Photo Mango Festival Instagram Post
  15. Cute Skull and Bones Peach Halloween Party Instagram Post
  16. Sweet Chocolate Goodies Instagram Post
  17. Cat Lovers Picture Instagram Post
  18. Happy Music Day Instagram Post

Instagram post Free Templates in PSD

All these 18 Instagram post PSD template free templates mentioned above use the US standard Letter with A4 paper size. Feel free to edit our sample Instagram post template yourself with the words or quotes you love.

Instagram post PSD Flyer Templates

Creating a DIY Instagram Template

Even you could download the Instagram post example PSD design template, you could also make it yourself. Well, let you read some helpful tips below!

  1. Use our blank template. This must be the easiest way for anyone including you. Let you download one of our blank templates that matches your Instagram post theme. Then, you could simply add or change the texts or pictures probably. Also, you might edit the font to be colorful.
  2. Background. To create a catchy, interesting Instagram post, you should think of adding the background picture which suits the post theme. If you are about to post food, let you use a food background picture. And so on.
  3. Quote. If you would like to post quotes in your Instagram, you must use simple but interesting and informative language. Make use to use the font that is readable and clear.

Instagram post PSD Templates Free

Finally, an Instagram post template sample is useful for anyone, especially for those who love posting in their Instagram for business. Find your chosen template in PSD Photoshop on our web now!


Sample Instagram Post Template

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