5+ Instagram Story Customizable PSD Templates

Instagram Story Template INU PSD for Fun and Business

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have one slot for creating stories. People like to fill it until many times in one day. Your business is the same as you who must share the story in this slot. Use Instagram story template INU where this platform has many users. Why just use a special template if Instagram has provided it freely? You are a businessman who wants to attract many customers from your follower. The sample Instagram story template INU makes your posts more appealing. Feel the feature of free download PSD!

instagram story template free download psd

Instagram Story Template INU Free Download and match for Four Types of Stories

Story template on Instagram is images that have well-designed text, graphics, and spacing. The template frees filling by the user for personal and business interests. If the users are businessmen it includes the influencers and endorsements that promote products or services. The company also has a slot for utilizing the printable Instagram story template INU for marketing. Whoever uses this PSD template free the main purpose of the template is still similar? It is useful for sharing information with the followers about products, services, and personal stories.

instagram story template free psd template

By the way, the templates of Instagram story free download only by clicking here. The template in PSD Photoshop is appropriate for making one of the four-story types below:

  1. Multi-image story
  2. Story for Quotes
  3. Basic story with picture and text
  4. The story for highlighting an interviewee, person, or event

instagram story template psd template free

5 Steps on customizing Instagram Story Template using Photoshop Software

Next, you get 5 guides to make your template reflects you and your marketing purposes. These are what to do after downloading the Instagram story template INU sample:

  • Upload to your PC

The first step is uploading to your PC after downloading to unite the image and font files. Click twice on the font file of the theme that you choose before clicking the install font.

instagram story template template free psd

  • Open in Photoshop

Just wait for a while for uploading template font processing. Afterward, your template free PSD is ready to open in Photoshop software.

  • Select and edit

Once choosing the template, you will customize it from the color, background, text, photo/ image, pattern, and so on. Customize everything you need to undertake without hassle.

  • it both in one single story all four stories

There are two options for saving your story template such as from Save to Export As. Afterward, it ends in Artboard to Files. Secondly, you just pass Save and Export AS for saving the fourth templates.

  • Download again and upload

Lastly, you must download your customizable PSD template from the PC to your phone. Undertake it if you want to upload it via phone but you can post your story via PC directly.

instagram story template example psd design

The Instagram story template INU printable makes your posts look more fabulous and understandable. Your followers easily follow and like your stories without burden. Even, this template Photoshop can build your brand easily while creating good branding. In conclusion, the tool of the Instagram story is useful for fun and earning money. Do not let this chance pass without you utilize it properly. Utilize your followers using your stories and let them share with others. Thank you for reading. Good luck!