Investment Banking Resume Objective

Investment Banking Resume Objective Examples

Investment banking is one of the most fast-moving businesses that require someone to have knowledge and lots of experience. because of its high demand, career opportunities in this sector are almost always available and event very abundant. However, still you have to look outstanding to convince the hiring manager and beat the competitor. Start focusing on the investment banking resume objective so the employer notices your qualities in the first place.

69. Investment Banking Resume Objective

To help you land your big career plan, we will discuss the career objective for banking fresher and the career objective for investment banking analysts.

How To Win The Hiring Manager For Investment Banking Analyst Position

Build a solid resume

Even though there is no exact format, your point here is to give the best information about yourself and how you will help the company grow. make sure you put an excellent investment banking resume where you provide your skills, educational background, and your goals. It doesn’t have to belong to a paragraph. You only need around two sentences. Put this resume objective in the early paragraph.

Note that the target between accounting and investment banking is different. The investment banking candidate is required to accounting experience, a solid skill in financial analysis and research.  You can follow the format below:

Start with education

In your investment banking resume, start with your educational background from the university you studies, degrees, and achievements.

Employment background

The next is talking about your experience. It can be your current or previous job with the company and mention your duties as well as your accomplishment.


List down the relevant skills. If you are applying for the investment banking position, the possible skills needed are accounting, knowledge in tax law, managerial abilities, and understanding of human nature. However, not all candidates possess these hard skills. If your skill list is quite short, you can mention your skills such as energetic, eager to learn something new, highly-motivated, detail-oriented, and many more. Many of these skills are the investment of the banking skill set.

Use keywords

So what are the keywords to include in the investment banking resume? First thing first, you must read the job description carefully. Find out what the company is expecting from the candidate and match it with yours. If you find the match, then you are lucky and qualified enough to apply.

Career objective for investment banking analyst

  • I would like to offer my expertise as an investment banker where I can utilize my skills in analyzing, accounting, and management skills. I have a 5-year of experience working in the investment banking field with organizational skills.
  • A highly motivated person with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, looking for a position in investment banking where I could expand my knowledge and implement what I have studied in the university.

In short, creating a career objective for banking fresher or experienced one needs a strategy. You can’t just put formal words on your resume but you have to highlight your qualities in the first place.