10+ Leaf Templates PSD Free

Leaf Template: Find the Desired Outline Design

Do you want to design artwork and decoration projects for your work? If you do, you may use this leaf template to finish your project. Actually, you can apply an outline or design of an image in a readymade style. Then, in this printable leaf template, you will find some leaf patterns that show the outline templates of various kinds of leaves. In this case, it allows you to download and color the leaf patterns. Let’s check them out for the lists of this template!

leaf templates in psd design

5 Lists of the Leaf Template

Exactly, this kind of template will tell you 5 main lists of the design. To get more information about that, please follow the lists of the template free PSD below!

  1. The template of tropical leaf

In the first sample leaf template, you can check that this template applies black color for the background. For the design of this template, it looks so beautiful because the leaves on this template have some nice colors. Moreover, those colors are such as green, Tosca, and purple. Besides, to make the design of this template looks more attractive, you may add some colorful plants.

leaf templates psd templates

  1. The template of fall leaf

Then, the second free template in PSD is using the fall leaf theme. Actually, this kind of template is designed during the fall season. It shows that the leaves are in various colors like green, brown, and pink. You can print the leaves on the color papers and cut them to their design. Besides, you can also use it for decoration and other purposes.

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  1. The template of pumpkin leaf

What about this kind of free PSD template? According to the name, this template outlines the design of a pumpkin leaf. You can find it in white background. Here, it lets you download and print this template, and then your children can color it creatively. On the other hand, you may print this template in a color paper so that you can use it for various purposes quickly.

leaf templates templates psd

  1. The template of holly leaf

The other leaf template sample is using holly leaf design. What do you know about this template? Yea, it is also available in white background. There is an instruction to create the outline on this template. By using this kind of template, you may print it and your children can color it nicely.

leaf templates templates for photoshop

  1. The template of oak leaf

For the last PSD template free, you will see that it applies oak leaf for the design. In this template, you will find some instructions to create this template. Just print it and ask your children to color it well! You may use this template for decoration and other purposes.

leaf templates psd templates

Importance of Using the Template of Leaf

There will be available for you the importance of using this customizable PSD template. Here they are.

  1. Have high utility designs

The first importance that you can get from using this free download PSD template is that this template has high utility value designs. It means that you can download the template easily. Even, it can also be used by everyone in various ages.

leaf templates customizable psd design templates

  1. Readymade designs

It shows the readymade designs of different types of leaves outline. So, you can make them a favorite one and color it beautifully.

leaf templates example psd design

That is the information about the leaf template printable. Have a nice apply!

Sample Leaf Template

leaf templates in photoshop leaf templates in photoshop