10+ Luggage Tag Customizable PSD Design Template

Luggage Tag Template For an Identify Card

Are you planning to go abroad or probably travel a certain country for works? Then, you must bring luggage with you. In this case, you might need a luggage tag template to help you to tell others indirectly that the luggage is yours. Anyway, a luggage tag PSD template free might look like an identity card because it has your name and address written on. By having a printable luggage tag template, you will not lose your luggage in the middle of the way. Anyway, we offer you some kinds of tag template free PSD in various designs and ideas. Are you interested? Let’s check it out for further info below!

Luggage tag PSD Templates Free

17+ Great Luggage Tag Template Examples

Some useful kinds of luggage tag template printable ideas that you are searching for may be available here. You could download it by turning on your internet access, finding, and tapping the download button near your template option. By the way, our templates are mostly available in Photoshop free download. Well, now, let’s take a look at our varied luggage tag collections in the following numbers below!

  1. Simple Peach Blue Beige Illustrated Passport Luggage Label
  2. Sample Cream Lines Modern Luggage Label
  3. Minimalist Personal Turquoise Luggage Label
  4. Red, Black, and White Luggage Label
  5. Basic Lilac and Teal Flower Luggage Label
  6. Free Download Happy Housewarming Luggage Label
  7. General Cream and Purple Floral Luggage Label
  8. Blue and Orange Boat Luggage Label
  9. Dark Blue Simple Cream Luggage Label
  10. Colorful Farewell Party Luggage Label
  11. Blue Welcome Back Home Illustration Luggage Label
  12. Dark Blue Paisley Luggage Label
  13. White Orange Teal Bold Handwritten Luggage Label
  14. Pink Colorful Sprinkles Luggage Label
  15. Violet and Teal Doodle Luggage Label
  16. Peach Flower Watercolor Illustration Luggage Label
  17. Lilac Cassette Tapes Luggage Label
  18. Light Purple Airplanes Luggage Label
  19. Dark Violet Floral Patterned Luggage Label

Luggage tag PSD Flyer Templates

The sample luggage tag template designs mentioned above are all editable. Therefore, you could change the information such as your name and address easily. Finally, our luggage tag example PSD design comes in the US standard Letter with A4 paper size.

Creating a DIY Luggage Tag Design

If you are going to create a luggage tag customizable PSD template yourself, you should notice some important tips first. They are:

  1. Background. You could choose whichever background for your luggage tag but the one with flowery design, travel illustration vector, etc. is more interesting. Well, you could search for it on the internet though.
  2. Details. Your luggage tag templates must be clear, informative, and simple. Remember, it is a luggage tag. Just write down necessary details such as your name and your address. It is okay to mention your phone number or e-mail address if you want.
  3. Our blank template. If you are lazy to look for the best background, you could just browse our web and find the catchy, blank one. Yep, then, you just need to edit your name and address. Well done!

Luggage tag Templates Free PSD

Finally, a luggage tag template sample is very helpful for you to create such an identity card for your luggage. Find your suitable luggage tag PSD flyer template on our site here now!


Sample Luggage Tag Template

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