10+ Macaron Customizable PSD Templates

Macaron Template: Bake Macarons in Exact Sizes

Macarons are very good to use at some parties, including a birthday party. In this matter, you can bake it when the party is about to come. Before baking, you need to decide the size and pattern of the macarons. A macaron template comes to help you make macarons in certain size you want. Then, you need to know that this printable macaron template is very handy to use. Just find various collections of this PSD template free and download the most suitable one.

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Kinds of Macaron Template to Learn

There are some kinds of this example PSD design that you need to learn first before downloading. As a result, you can choose which one that can fit your needs. Let’s check them out by following the explanation below.

  1. 1.5 Inch Macaron Template

This free download macaron template printable is suitable to use for medium-sized treats. With this template free PSD, you can also make about 12 macarons instantly. This amount is sufficient to serve for your small family. Moreover, this template is available in DOC format. In this matter, you can customize this file using MS Word and print it out afterwards.

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  1. Heart-Shaped Macaron Template

If you like a unique and interesting shape of macaron, you can try this free PSD template. This template will be helpful when you need to make macarons, especially for your sweetheart. Then, this template will produce a number of heart-shaped macarons that is suitable for a romantic gift. Just prepare the best macarons for your sweetheart using this template.

macaron templates psd templates

  1. Hello Kitty Macaron Template

Are you looking for a cute shape for your macaron? If so, this template can be the right solution for you. This shape is suitable to give to your little kids. With a cute appearance, the macarons made using this template will be an amazing treat to bring a smile. Get this cute template here for free.

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  1. Macaron Piping Template

This kind of free template in PSD seems to have a big round shape. It is completed with two small round shape at the top right and left side. This shape is also cute to enjoy before eating. So, just download and use this template to always make your small family happy before they eat the macarons.

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Special Features of Sample Macaron Template You Need to Know

There are two features you need to know about this template that is provided here. Have a good look at the explanation below.

  1. Format

This customizable PSD design template is a very good template to customize. You can do it easily since it can be opened using an MS Word. Yes, it is provided in DOC file. So, whenever you have downloaded it, you are free to edit the content as you want.

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  1. File Size

The size of every template here is not so big. So, it is suitable for you to save some collections of this template. All templates which are available here are no more than 2 MB. Even, there are a few files that are available under 100 Kb. In this condition, you can save various kinds of this template without worrying that your device storage space will run out.

macaron templates psd templates

Well, that is all about the macaron template sample to share with you. Hopefully, it can help you provide macarons in a size and shape that you desire.

macaron templates customizable psd design templates


Sample Macaron Template

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