8+ Meal planning Free PSD Template

Meal planning Template: Get a Regular Meal Easily

Do you often experience spending a lot of time thinking about the menu when you need to have a meal? If you do, meal planning template can be the best solution for you. This template will help you choose a certain menu based on the planning. It can be good for both special occasions or normal moments. Thus, just get the printable meal planning template here to help you eat your daily meal with the right proportion.

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Kinds of Meal planning Template You Can Choose

Here are available some kinds of templates for your weekly meal plan, catering business plan, restaurant business plan, and so on. Just choose which one you need here.

  1. Weekly meal plan

This kind of template is provided for you who want to eat a regular meal in a week. You can write the mealtime and kinds of a menu from Sunday to Saturday in detail. Thus, with this PSD template free, you do not need to spend much time thinking about the kinds of the menu to eat.

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  1. Plan of catering business

Besides for personal plan, this template free PSD can also be used for business, as a catering plan. With this template, the catering business will get easiness to prepare the menu to deliver. The business owner does not need to memorize the menu to cater since all menus have been written on the meal planning.

meal planning Templates Free PSD

  1. Plan of the restaurant business

If you are a restaurant business, you must need this meal planning template printable. It can happen since it is possible for you to memorize all menus to serve. Thus, you can download this free PSD template and write all you need to serve here.

meal planning Customizable PSD Design Templates

  1. Plan of a hotel business

Besides the restaurant, a hotel also needs to serve a meal for the guests. Thus, a hotel also needs this free template in PSD to write kinds of meals for them. If you are one of the hotel owners, this template is recommended for you.

Special features of Sample Meal planning Template

If you want to know the special features of this customizable PSD template, please have a good look at the explanation below.

  1. File format

First, let’s see the file format. Well, this template is available in MS Word. It can be good news for you who like to operate this app. Many people know that MS Word is easy to operate and a common app to customize a document, including meal planning. So, if you master MS Word, just choose this format for the free download PSD. In addition, this template is also available in Pages format. So, for you who like this format, you can choose it.

meal planning Customizable PSD Templates

  1. Size

For the size, this template is provided in two kinds. Yes, they are A4 and US. If you like the standardized one, you can choose the A4 size. If you like a US size, you can also get it since this template provides this kind of size.

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Well, that is all about the meal planning template sample to share with you. Choose one that fits your needs.


Sample Meal planning Template

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