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Media Kit Template INU for Product, Business, and Event

A media kit helps the journalists or writers to make an article with readable focus. This tool comes in the form of a document for providing information about the event, business, or product. Make it having good structure using media kit template INU. Anything information that you want to include, you quite use one template that free download PSD. The template also allows editing freely along with the sophisticated features. Do you need it? Everybody needs a modern and versatile tool like the printable media kit template INU. You are too!

Media Kit Free Templates in PSD

Media Kit Template INU in PSD Photoshop for Journalist in any Event

Who should provide it and receive the media kit? The company that joins an event or the committee is in charge to provide it to the journalist. So, the journalist can run his/ her duty for writing articles or interviewing effectively. It implies the document is the tool to attract the journalist’s attention. What you will find in the sample media kit template INU? Of course, the content is the same as the other media kit. You can change the information on the template free PSD with your business/ event information.

Media Kit PSD Flyer Templates

Let’s check some templates of media kit to check the content! You should find four main points of the template like contact details, person/ company information, media release, and images. Well, let’s check your customizable PSD design template:

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  10. Event Media Kit Photoshop Design Template

Media Kit PSD Templates Free

Other Elements that are not too important but you may need it

Let’s download your media kit template INU sample and continue for customizing! But, you should make checklist information on the features, benefits, and statistics based on the subject. It also relates to your identity and company profile. Next, add a logo or photo to visualize the template Photoshop. Add other interesting facts and incorporate a press release. Besides involving contact, media release, and images, you may need some additional things. It is such as:

  • Sample product

Send product samples to the journalist along with your media kit pretty they can try it. This way makes the journalist truly know the quality of your product and surer to write it.

  • Client or customer’s testimony

Add some testimonies from your customers or clients in your media kit. The journalist will use it in their articles too and ensure the reader about your business or event.

Attach your annual report as ease reference to the journalist.

  • Recent News Coverage

You can also add recent news or publications about your business to the media kit.

  • Other interesting facts

The other interesting facts as well as make the journalist’s job easier to undertake.

Media Kit sample PSD Design

Let’s get your favorite media kit template INU printable! Enjoy a lot of easiness that you never meet before in other templates of a media kit. Finish it and send to many journalists and see the result. Thank you for utilizing the free template in PSD. Good luck!


Media Kit Template Sample

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