Network Engineer Resume Objective

Constructing an Effective Network Engineer Resume Objective

With the fast improvement of technology among the society, the occupation demand regarding the technology is getting higher. One of the most-growing technology-related occupations is Network Engineer.If you are interested in applying for this occupation, you have to know the skills and some tools that you might use to troubleshoot the problems. In the end, you will read how to construct effective network engineer resume objectives to make your resume stand out.

29. Network Engineer Resume Objective

Skills for Network Engineer

To possess the following skills are needed to work a long term as Network Engineer. First, you have to be good at the analytical skills. Often, you are in a situation where you have to find the problems of computer network and think of the best solution to come up with. This process needs strong analytical skills as you need to do it within a limited time. This also leads to the second skill to possess which is a good problem-solving skill. Third, you have to be detailed-oriented in doing the job. Aside from solving the problem, network engineering has to detail and know which solution to take as they secure the network or do other safety options. They have to be very detailed in examining the problem to take the best solution to solve the problem.Network engineer often works in a team so someone has to possess a good interpersonal skill. If you have all the skills needed, you are one step closer to write your network engineer resume objective.

Troubleshooting Tools for Network Engineer

In troubleshooting the problems, network engineers need to utilize the two software below to ease their work.


As people know about this, ping can detect if a computer is connected to the server or not.This tool also allows the network engineer to check the connection speed.By doing the ping test, a network engineer will get both information at once.

IP Config

Most commonly called a common prompt, IP Config lets the network engineer get IP address information and configure the network interface. This tool controls the TCP/IP connections in a computer.

Network Engineer Resume With 2 Year Experience

After knowing the skills and few tools needed, now you need to write an effective network engineer resume objective by highlighting the skills, experience, and achievements you have. Here are the samples of a resume objective written by someone who has two-year experience.

Sample 1

Excellent ability in analytical skill and detailed-oriented to seek an opportunity as a Network Engineer at ABC Company to utilized my two-year knowledge of networking to contribute to the company growth.

Sample 2

To obtain a position as a Network Engineer at ABC Organization to continue my two-year experience where I can use my networking expertise and knowledge for the betterment of the organization.

Senior Network Engineer Resume

The network engineer resume objectives below are written by someone who is experienced in the field for a while.

Sample 1

Experienced, detailed-oriented, and excellent analytical skills with a strong background in IT. Looking for a job as a Network Engineer at ABC Company to allow me to utilize the seven-year experience and expertise in the networking area.

Sample 2

Quick problem-solving ability with six-year of maintaining LAN infrastructure. Professional in performing troubleshooting by providing the best solution to the problems and handling the project planning and management well.

After reading the information above, we hope you have no difficulty in writing your network engineer resume objective. Good luck with your career.