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Newspaper Cover Template: Show the Perfect Performance

Are you writing a newspaper? If it is so, you need to make the cover for the newspaper, right? However, don’t worry about it! It will be available in this newspaper cover template. To make the cover looks so attractive, what you have to do? You should create it with eye-catching images and also interesting news. Hence, if you want to get the perfect cover for your newspaper, just find the examples of this printable newspaper cover template here!

newspapper cover psd template free

5 Primary Examples of the Newspaper Cover Template

This kind of cover template will tell some examples that are generally used by many people. What are they? Pay attention to this free PSD template!

  1. The cover template of the retirement party invitation

If you plan to tell such a party invitation on the cover of your newspaper, you can use this sample newspaper cover template. Just download this template easily! Exactly, this cover template is available in black and white background. It will add an old touch to it.

  1. The cover template of old-style newspaper

In the second template free PSD, what can you find? Before knowing it more, you have to know that the cover of this newspaper will be suitable for publishing a weekend newspaper. Then, this newspaper cover has a vintage touch that shows the colors combination of red and black. It is also against a light-colored for the background.

  1. The cover template of vintage newspaper

What about this free template in PSD? If you want a classic touch for your newspaper cover, this vintage idea will be great for it. Here, it allows you to make this cover template optimize. How can you do that? Yea, you can add an image under the headline. Then, just follow it with a descriptive text to support the image. For the cover, you may write the news about the best in the West, the NBA finals, and others.

  1. The cover template of the newspaper in Word

You need to know that this newspaper cover template sample is available in the format of Word. This kind of cover template is suitable for publishing a daily newspaper. For the design of this cover template, you can add the title against a blue background. On the other hand, there is also the headline and the title of the article that are relevant to the images. It is commonly used to support the text.

  1. The cover template of old newspaper

In addition, this last PSD template free will show the newspaper cover with an old touch. Why can it be like that? It is because this template is included in the simple one and to the point. Here, you will find separate sections for each news. Besides, there is also a space to insert a large image in the center of the newspaper cover.

newspapper cover template for photoshop

Tips to Make a Newspaper Cover

There will be some tips to make this free download PSD template. Here are the tips.

  1. Find the template

Please find the template form first to start making this newspaper cover!

  1. Customize the elements

This customizable PSD template lets you customize the main elements in it. They are such as fitting the image, setting the text layout, and choosing the style.

newspapper cover template free psd

This is the review of the newspaper cover template printable that you should know well. Have a nice try!


newspapper cover customizable psd design template

Newspaper Cover Template Sample

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