Sample Orientation Checklist template

Orientation Checklist: Get a New Recruit Successfully

Is the orientation checklist important for a new employee? To know the answer, you are suggested to follow this information well. On the first day of work, he should fill out the paperwork, get familiarize with new team members, and knowing the workplace. Therefore, it is very significant for you to create the printable orientation checklist to get the success of your new recruit. In the information below, you can find the different samples of this checklist template.

Sample Departmental Orientation Checklist Template

9 Samples of the Orientation Checklist

This kind of checklist provides 9 samples that are mainly used by many people in a company or organization. To know the samples, please follow it carefully!

  1. The checklist template of elegant orientation

This kind of checklist covers the employee data, workplace orientation, health and safety procedures, health and safety training, and employee acknowledgment.

  1. The checklist template of vibrant orientation

In this checklist template, you will know that it tells the new worker checklist. It contains elements like contact information, employer responsibilities, and worker rights.

  1. The checklist template of supervisor orientation

This sample orientation checklist shows the supervisor mentor checklist for new employee onboarding. It includes the purpose, instruction, employee name, department, title, supervisor, hire date, mentor, pre-arrival, and date completed by supervisor and mentor.

Sample Elegant Orientation Checklist Template

  1. The checklist template of HR employee orientation

It consists of the title, employee name, job title, date of hire, compensation and benefits, and general information.

  1. The checklist template of new employee orientation

In this checklist, there are some elements like the title, company’s name, general information, and the checklist proper of orientation. There are also tasks, dates, and approved by the supervisor.

  1. The checklist template of orientation

It covers the elements of the title, item, any defects, checked, and comments or solutions.

  1. The checklist template of sample orientation

What about this orientation checklist sample? You should include the title, supervisor, employee, phone, items, notes, rights and responsibilities, and workplace health and safety rules.

  1. The checklist template of simple orientation

There is the title, employee name, position, the first day of work, date of orientation, the person providing orientation, company name, topic, initials, and comments.

  1. The checklist template of professional orientation

It will show you the title, employee, start date, supervisor, points, and orientation.

5 Easy Steps to Create the Checklist of Orientation

There will be available for you 5 easy steps to make this kind of checklist. Here they are.

  1. Describe regular procedures

You must introduce a new hire to the various regular procedures that should be followed.

  1. Offer administrative support

A new employee should complete the basic formalities like HR forms, background check forms, contracts, and legal documents.

  1. Describe the policies

The new recruits must be responsive to non-disclosure policies.

  1. Introduce the team

A new employee needs to know his team well to cooperate in their working.

  1. Provide the basic resources

The last step that you have to do is providing the employee with basic resources. They are like a computer, company websites, intranet, office email ID, and others.

Sample Organized Orientation Checklist Template

Well, it is about the orientation checklist printable that you can know. Please get a better understanding of it!

Sample Orientation Checklist template

Sample Professional Orientation Checklist Template Sample Sample Orientation Checklist Template Sample Simple Orientation Checklist Template