Paid Receipt Sample Template

What can you infer about a paid receipt template? Exactly, you need to recognize that it is like a proof of payments in written or digital form. It shows that the customers have received certain goods or services from you at a certain rate. Then, you can use this printable paid receipt template for business or personal uses. He or she will have a thought that something of a certain charge has been accepted by another party.

Sample Paid Receipt Template

10 Kinds of the Paid Receipt Template

There will be 10 main kinds of this receipt template that are commonly created. Do you want to know those kinds? Here are available for you.

  1. The tax paid receipt

This first receipt tells the company name, address, owner and legal description, valuation, amount due, distribution of tax dollars, and amount balance.

  1. The sample of the free paid receipt

In this sample paid receipt template, you can find the elements of customer information, order information, and payment information.

  1. The template of excel paid receipt

It covers the receipt date, receipt number, expense description, and amount paid.

  1. The template of hotel receipt

There are important elements of hotel name, guest name, address, arriving date and time, departure date, company, room, and invoice number. Besides, the other elements are billing instructions, description, city, amount, total payments, and guest signature.

  1. The template of payment receipt

This receipt template contains the elements of receipt type, receipt number, description, amount, total, and date.

  1. The template of donation receipt

What about this kind of receipt template? It consists of the date, donated by, donor address, the amount received, the value of advantage, appraised by, and appraiser address. There is also a description of donation purpose, and donor and receiver signature.

  1. The template of the free car sale receipt

It includes name, address, date, salesperson, job, shifting method, shifting terms, delivery date, due date, quantity, item, and description. The other elements are unit price, discount, total due, seller’s and buyer’s signature.

  1. The template of services paid receipt

How about this paid receipt template sample? It covers the title, date, amount, received from, name of children, and provider’s signature.

Sample Cash Paid Receipt Template


  1. The template of the invoice paid receipt

This template shows the company name, address, date, description, price, amount, previous balance, payment and other activity, comment charges, and amount due.

  1. The template of rent paid receipt

It contains the elements of the title, date, receiver name, address, landlord or agent, balance due, and payment method.

Sample Fee Paid Receipt Sample

5 Steps to Write the Template of Paid Receipt

To create this receipt template, you have to do these steps below. Here they are.

  1. Add business details

The details are like the name of the company, contact information, address, websites, social media accounts, and others.

  1. Give items list

Here, you should give a list of the services and products you have and have been selected by the customer.

  1. Add customer details

It covers the name, date, time, location of sale, transaction mode, and others.

  1. Describe the payment

You have to mention the kind of payment that can be cash, credit, cheque, and others.

  1. Show the total

You need to calculate the total of the products or services that have been bought.

Sample Paid In Full Receipt Template

It is about the paid receipt template printable. Understand it well!

Sample Services Paid Receipt Template