Personal Trainer Resume Objective

Composing An Outstanding Personal Trainer Resume Objective

Personal trainer is somebody who is certified to perform and deliver exercise programs for healthy purposes. As a personal trainer, you have to train your clients both person-to-person or in a small group. Usually, the clients have their own standard goals to achieve certain body shapes, such as enhancing muscular endurance, improving physical flexibilities, and so forth. You also should make sure that your exercise programs are safe and effective for your clients. If you want to become a personal trainer, you need to prepare for certain skills and read some personal trainer’s job descriptions before writing a personal trainer resume objective. To know more about this position, let’s see the following explanation.

94. Personal Trainer Resume Objective

What does a personal trainer do?

Before down to find out about personal trainer resume objective, you are suggested to understand the duties first. As we have briefly mentioned above, a personal trainer works to provide private training for exercise programs. At the beginning of the program, the clients should consult about what they want to achieve and tell their current fitness levels. After that, a personal trainer will start planning a workout program and nutrition to support the training. During the training, you have to make sure your clients are safe by following the correct form and technique. At the end of a training session, you should give constructive feedback about their progress. As a personal trainer, you need to keep motivating your clients and responding to their questions.

What are some skills to prepare if I want to become a personal trainer?

After you understand the job descriptions of a personal trainer, you should prepare several important skills and qualifications if you want to be a personal trainer. What are they? Let’s check the lists below.

  • Excellent communication skills
  • First aid skills
  • A great listener
  • Able to show proper techniques for exercise movements
  • Able to understand new methods quickly
  • Enthusiastic personalities
  • Responsive to the clients’ needs
  • Patient to train the clients’ repeatedly
  • Flexible time work

Some examples of a personal trainer resume objective statement

If you still do not have an idea to create a resume objective statement, we have provided several examples that may help you. Specifically, if you are a newbie who has not got any permanent job, we have written a sample for a freelancer personal trainer resume objective. Let’s see the following lists.

·         Looking for a position as a freelance personal trainer so I can deploy my skills and serve people in my leisure time.

·         To obtain a position as a personal trainer to gain my certified skills and proven work experience in professional training.

·         Seeking a challenging job in a leading fitness center, where I have an opportunity to apply my background knowledge, certified skills, and experiences to help people improve their healthy life.

Personal trainer resume no experience

The following is an example that you may use as a guide in writing your resume objective. We have provided a sample for a newbie personal trainer that you can edit based on your own qualifications.

Leroy Styles

Newbie Personal Trainer

Personal Summary
A flexible, responsible, and enthusiastic individual looking for a position as a personal trainer to assist people in improving their healthy life. Capable to learn new methods quickly and always responsive to the clients’ needs.

Career Profile
– Personal training certificate
in Prima Gyms

-First Aid and CPR certificate in Moon Health Hospital

-Outstanding communication skills

-Active member of a local gymnasium for 3 years


Educational Qualifications
-B.S. Health Education in Barcelona State University

-A.A. Social Science in Milan State University


All in all, we hope that this summary will guide you to compose a good personal trainer resume objective. Don’t forget to make preparation so you will get the best result.