Petty Cash Receipt Template Sample

Petty Cash Receipt Template: Showing Money Spending

If you are involved in a simple business, it is of course for you to concern with money. So, to make sure that the money is spent properly, you need a petty cash receipt template. Besides, this paperwork is also used to make the money goes towards the intended destination. Then, to recognize it more, you can check the various samples of the printable petty cash receipt template. Please follow it carefully!

Sample Blank Petty Cash Receipt Template

6 Samples of the Petty Cash Receipt Template

In this kind of receipt template, there will be available for you 6 samples that are usually used. What are they? Here they are.

  1. The template of blank petty cash receipt

In this receipt template, you can find some elements. They are the title, number, date, pay to, business purpose description, fas account, amount, total, authorized by, recipient signature, and date.

  1. The template of petty cash blank receipt

This sample petty cash receipt template tells the title, vendor name, description of items purchased, amount, date, account name and number, and signature.

  1. The template of petty cash reimbursement

What about this kind of receipt template? It covers the title, name, date, description, account number, amount, total, supervisor name, receiver name, and petty cash reimbursement hours.

  1. The template of petty cash disbursement receipt

There are some elements like the title, department, location, account number, account name, amount, items, description, unit cost, and extended amount. There are also employee certification, employee’s name and signature, vendor certification, vendor’s name, and address.

  1. The receipt of simple petty cash

How about this petty cash receipt template sample? It tells the petty cash receipt slip. You should include slip number, date, amount, paid to, received by, approved by, oracle alias, natural account, project, task, award, expenditure, and organization.

Sample petty cash reimbursement form template

  1. The sample of petty cash voucher

In this sample, you will find the title, petty cash information, payee information, business purpose, funding, and approvals. It is just for cashier and office of accounts payable use only.

Sample Petty Cash Blank Receipt Template

7 Important Elements in the Template of Petty Cash Receipt

When you need and want to write this receipt template, you have to include 7 elements in this form. Are you curious about those elements? If it is so, let’s check the elements in detail!

  1. Receipt number

This first element is filled with the sequential number that is assigned by the custodian of petty cash. Then, this receipt number should be organized by the custodian.

  1. Date

Then, you should include the date in this filling form. It means the date when the receipt is issued and released.

  1. Pay to

You should fill it with the name of the petty cash recipient.

  1. Amount

When you write this receipt template, you have to fill with the amount released.

  1. Description

What about this element? Yea, you have to fill it with a clear report on what the funds were used for. It must be specific.

  1. Authorized by and date

In this element, you should fill with the name and signature of the authorized signer. It should be handwritten. Don’t forget to include the date of the signing!

  1. Received by

It should be filled with the name of the recipient of the petty cash.

Sample Petty Cash Disbursement Receipt Template

That’s all about the petty cash receipt template printable. Have a nice learning!