10+ Place Card Customizable PSD Template

Place Card Template for Arranged Seating Number

If you are holding a marriage party, you must invite a lot of people to come and celebrate the marriage day with you, right? on this occasion, you might need a place card template. This template might be useful to tell the guests about their table number. A place card PSD template free might help the event runs well. Therefore, it is important for you to have a place card. Having a printable place card template might avoid people from snatching tables. Anyway, you could download our template Photoshop place card on our website. Well, let’s check our place card templates for further info below!

Place Card Free Templates in PSD

17+ Useful Printable Place Card Template

Some useful printable place card template for you may be available on our web. Let you choose the one that suits you. Anyway, for your information, our place card templates have varied formats but they mostly come in Photoshop free download. Well, now, let’s take a look at our place card collections in the following numbers below!

  1. Orange Watercolor Place Card
  2. Free Download Maroon Thanksgiving Place Card
  3. Minimalist White Fireworks Party Yellow Place Card
  4. Red Pattern Christmas Place Card
  5. General Dark Shapes Party Place Card
  6. Black Saxophone Jazz Place Card
  7. Pink Decorative Illustrated Brush Strokes Place Card
  8. Red Passover Place Card
  9. Peach Zigzag Pattern Folded Place Card
  10. Orange Simple Dinner Place Card
  11. Editable Cyan Blue Bordered Place Card
  12. Standard Dark Green Shapes Birthday Place Card
  13. Colorful Lights Simple Wedding Place Card
  14. Cream Marble Photo Background Place Card
  15. Maroon Birthday Place Card
  16. Pink Floral Marriage Place Card
  17. Light Blue Stars Marriage Place Card Sample
  18. Cream and Brown Coral Floral Ornament Place Card
  19. Green and White Illustration Passover Place Card
  20. Grey and Brown Elegant Dinner Place Card

Place Card PSD Flyer Templates

All of the sample place card templates mentioned above use the US standard Letter with A4 paper size. Plus, they all are customizable so that you may add or change the details on the place card free PSD template. Anyway, since our place cards have various designs and ideas, it is important to pick up the one that matches your needs.

Place Card PSD Templates Free

Tips to Create a DIY Printable Place Card

If you want to create a DIY place card customizable PSD template alone yourself, you need to pay attention to some necessary things first. They are:

  1. The purpose. What is a place card for? Is it for a birthday party? Is it for a dinner invitation? Or probably, is it for a marriage shower? Well, every place card must have different purposes. Therefore, you need to think about your objective first.
  2. Background. Once you are clear with the template purpose, you could start choosing a background. Let you select the one that matches the theme. For a birthday card, for instance, you may choose the one with balloons, cakes, or gifts.
  3. Details. Time to write down the details! Just write down the important one such as name and table number. They are more than enough.

Place Card sample PSD Design

Finally, the place card template sample helps you to manage the seating arrangement for the guests effectively. Find and download your place card PSD flyer template now.


Place Card Template Sample

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