10+ Printable Audit Plan Template

Audit Plan Template: Setting up the Company’s Financial

Do you work in a company? If it is so, you should create an audit plan, right? It will be available in various forms in this audit plan template. Actually, making an audit plan is important to do because it can help you to evaluate the financial status of the company. Besides, the payment plans will be well-ordered and the financial plan of the company business will be set up appropriately. Then, to get the types of this printable audit plan template, just pay attention to the information below!

Audit Plan Template

4 Types of the Audit Plan Template

This kind of template offers 4 types of templates that are commonly created by companies. To check them, please follow these types in the template free PSD.

  1. The template of audit strategic plan

This first type in the sample audit plan template uses white color for the background. In this plan template, there are some included elements. Those are the name of the company, audit plan title, table of contents, prepared by, manager, and date. For the table of contents, it covers such as introduction, roles, responsibilities, standard adopted, and internal audit planning. There are also external and internal environments, high-level assurance mapping, and others.

  1. The template of the quality audit plan

In the second type of free template in PSD, you will see that it tells about an audit plan of quality. Then, what are the included components in this template? Yea, there will be available for you the title, branch, responsible pharmacist, and date compiled. There is also a month, area to be inspected, flow charts referred to, responsible staff member, risk, and comments. In addition, you can find it in the format of Excel.

Audit Plan Template example design

  1. The template of internal audit strategic plan

Then, what do you know about this free PSD template? Exactly, this plan template is available in a white background. However, there is a combination of a brown square in a small shape on the left corner of the template. On the brown background, you can write the title of the audit plan. On the other hand, you may use the white background for writing the name of the business or company and the date.

  1. The template of the annual audit plan

How about this audit plan template sample? Actually, this plan template is also applying a white background. On the top center of the template, you can write the title of the template. Then, it is followed by the name and logo of the company in the middle of the template. The other elements are the department name, address, phone number, fax number, and website.

Audit Plan Template free download

Benefits of Making an Audit Plan

Greatly, making an audit plan has some benefits that you can get. Do you want to recognize them? Here are the benefits in the PSD template free.

  1. Minimize misunderstanding

The first benefit is making minimize having a misunderstanding with the client.

  1. Find evidence

Then, the second benefit in this customizable PSD template is that finding evidence. So, this plan template will help the auditor to find the relevant evidence related to the circumstances.

  1. Keep the cost

The last benefit is keeping the cost. This free download PSD template can keep the cost of conducting the audit at a certain time.

Audit Plan Template free template

It is the audit plan template printable information that you should know. Learn it well!

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