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Award Ribbon Template: Easily Provide Award Ribbons in Any Competitions

Hi good people! Do you like to hold a competition in your community? If so, you certainly need to provide awards to the winners. A simple award can be meaningful to give to every winner. In this matter, a ribbon is a good award to use. Then, having an award ribbon template is the first step you should fulfill if you need to provide such an award in a competition. Whenever you need it, you can just go to PSD and find the most suitable sample of this sample award ribbon template. All samples are free to download.

award ribbon template in psd design

What Can You Include in This Award Ribbon Template?

When you have downloaded a sample of this template free PSD, you can include a few details to fit your needs. Here they are.

  1. Name of the event

A ribbon can be a memorable award to the winner. To make them always remember the competition they have won, it is so important to give the name of the event in it. When the event is about sport, you can write the name of the sport. If the competition is about art, you can include the name of the art and so on.

  1. The sponsoring organization

What to include in this example PSD design template after the name of the event? Yes, you must include the sponsoring organization. A sponsoring organization can help any competition run well. So, make sure you include it in this award ribbon template sample.

  1. The placement

To differ the first winner, runner-up, and so on, you should give placement in each award ribbon. In this matter, you can give the kind of placement that you like based on the event. In this free PSD template, to write “first place”, “second place”, and “third place” is sufficient to differ the award ribbons.

award ribbon template psd template free

  1. The date

A date in a certain award ribbon can remind every winner of the time they won the competition. When you customize this free download PSD template, don’t forget to give the date when the event is held.

  1. Logos

When your community has a logo, you can put it in this customizable PSD design template. You can also attach a sponsoring organization logo in the award ribbon when it is needed. With logos in the ribbon, it will beautify the look of it.

award ribbon template template for photoshop

Benefits of This Printable Award Ribbon Template

You need to know that this free template in PSD will give several benefits to the users. So, please follow the explanation below!

  1. Simple to download

You can download this template with only one tap. Yes, just tap on the “download” button near the sample template and it will be automatically downloaded.

  1. Easy to edit

This template has customizable details that you can edit to fit the event.

  1. Available in easily customizable formats

In PSD, this template is available in Word, PDF, and also Excel formats. Thus, you can choose a format that you think is easier to edit.

award ribbon template template free psd

Well, that is all everything you need to know about an award ribbon template printable. Just take a look at all samples of it in PSD.


award ribbon template customizable psd design template

Printable Award Ribbon Template Sample

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